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  1. I've been researching how to tell the difference between a male and female BST's. I've read about looking at their fins, their width etc. I have tried and yet, still can't tell the difference. LOL. Is there any sure way to make a distinction between the two?
  2. Awesome! Thanks everyone. I only have them and a snail in my tank so perhaps they realized that there is nothing bigger than them and/or there are no threats in their home. That makes sense. Thanks again!
  3. I just recently got 2 more BST's yesterday to bring my school to 5 in total if that is a factor. Though, after I acclimated the new guys to the tank and put them in with the other 3 they immediately schooled and swam around the tank together. Now they are not and I was just wondering if it's normal behavior for my BST's to spread out like that and claim their own territory within the tank
  4. Thanks for the help. I wont be adding any more of that Accuclear. Learned my lesson. Lol. Trial and error I suppose being new to this. I heard about air stones but I wasn't sure if I needed them. I have none currently but I just did some research and found a decent one on Amazon that I ordered. Hopefully it works . I feel so bad that my lil guys are suffering. 😞
  5. Yes, I've posted a lot since I joined and Im sorry. It's my first tank and I'm learning as I go. I've learned a lot in the last 2 weeks. Anyways, my Black Skirt Tetras were doing better last night. I woke up and they were swimming around together, which made me happy. However, once again the water was a bit cloudy so I added some Accuclear to clear it up (1ml) as suggested for 10 G. Since I added it, my Tetras are acting slow and sluggish and are going back to the surface for air once in awhile. Could it be the Accuclear that is stressing them or something else? Any suggestions?
  6. They are slowly starting to move around. I think they will be okay. Thanks for the help!!!
  7. They seem to maybe be getting better. They are no longer at the top. But staying still in their own spots gulping it looks like.
  8. The tetras were not new and as far as I know I added the accurate measurements. Its been cycling for 2 weeks now. I only have 3 Tetras in a 10 gallon. I only wanted a few to help the cycle move along a bit better. Once all was good I planned on adding 2 more cause I know they need a school. My ph is 6.8-7ish. My high range ph is below 7.4. My ammonia is 0.25ish, a bit high, and my nitrite and nitrate are both 0
  9. I just did my first water change. The water looked a little cloudy so I change about 50 %. I add everything I needed to like I should after a water change as well as testing the water for ammonia etc. I let my Tetras get acclimated to the temp before I placed them in the tank. After placement, they are now at the surface sucking for air? What should I do?
  10. I recently purchased Dwarf grass and it seems to be growing fine. New sprigs are starting to pop up throughout my tank which tells me its spreading roots as it should. My question is about little bulb like tips that are growing on top of the dwarf grass, on some single strands. It look like normal growth but some of those bulbs are dark in color. Should I be concerned?
  11. Thanks again. lol. I have one more question. I've researched on how to tell the difference between a male and a female Black Skirt Tetra and I still, cant tell the difference. Any suggestions. Ive read that lighter color Tetras are female and I tried looking at their fins, like suggested yet I still can figure it out. Any help would be nice. Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks so much. I was worried that something wasnt normal for them. Ive also read different views on the temp for them. Currently my temp is at 76.4? Is that a good temp.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I ordered some live plants from here and I kept them in the pots. All except my Dwarf hairgrass. Thanks again for the advice.
  14. Hello all. I just got my first fish tank last week. I currently have a 10 gallon tank and 4 Black Skirt tetras. My questions are. How many of them can I have in my 10 gallon? I also notice they spread off by themselves. Is that normal? Also, should I be keeping them on a light schedule and whats the balance of light on versus light off. I do shut light off at night.
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