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  1. Yes I've watched the video, I'm even at the point where I'm dosing twice a day with the ich x . The only thing I haven't done is raise the temperature because I don't have an adjustable heater in that aquarium. It's been over a week and it's only progressed further...
  2. I thought my fish had ich, so I've been dosing my fish in a 10 gallon hospital tank for over a week with ich x. But it hasn't seemed to make a difference and after it's progressed like on this tetra it doesn't seem to look like ich to me. We've got the life of 40 fish on the line. Any help would be nice. Avg ph 7.6 No nitrates, nitrites or ammonia temperature hangs around 78.
  3. If your fish can handle a higher temperature (hard with bolivian rams) you could try increasing it to try to speed up the parasite life cycle.
  4. I recently purchased a banana plant from the coop, it came with just tubers and no leaves or stems. Does anyone know if it will still sprout leaves?
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