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  1. I currently feed twice a day but wanted to increase the frequency to increase growth. Does anyone have experience with how frequently they can be fed, I was thinking 4 hours. I'm not sure how long it take for them to digest their food.
  2. Interesting, I have Pseudomugil furcatas and corydoras julli growing out with a few ricefish. The Corys grow fast but not sure how the its affecting the others, I rarely do water changes in their little tank. I may up it a bit.
  3. I really like the look of the Sparkling Gouramis and I am thinking about getting some myself. I just need to figure out if they are safe with adult shrimp.
  4. Sorry I wasn't clear, two species of corydoras fry. I will over feed a bit and do extra water changes if needed.
  5. I have 2 corydoras, 2 pseudomagil, CPDs, Dwarf emerald rasboras, ricefish and leopard danio fry all growing out in one tank or another. Does anyone see any detriment to growing them all out together in the same tank? I think it might actually be better since they occupy different niches mostly. And it will open up some tanks for me to bring in some fish from the tub. The cpds are pretty picky so I may keep them with just corydoras.
  6. I think eco-complete is pretty much made up of crushed lava rock which is inert. So something else in there must be causing it.
  7. Perhaps if necessary but I was hoping to not have to run a heater all winter long.
  8. Later this month I will likely be moving fish from my two 110g tubs to one tank in my house and another in the garage. The Garage is fairly cool in the winter probably ranging from 55 to 70. That's probably 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the outside tubs would be. I'm trying to decide which fish can go in the garage and which need to be inside. Here is what I have out in the tubs: Leopard danios Pearl Danios Endlers Guppies Swordtails White Cloud Minnows Daisy's Ricefish I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with these outside of optimal aquarium temperatures. Do you think any of these could survive in the 55 to 70 degree temps of my garage. I'm pretty sure the White Cloud Minnows can but I'm not sure about the rest which I've heard don't typically like the warm 77 to 80 degrees of most tanks. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.
  9. So far this is my preferred substrate, no issues yet but my ph starts out around 8 so maybe I didn't notice it. If this is an issue it might be due to inconsistency in how they prepare it.
  10. I'm sure anything with suction can suck in small fry.
  11. I was pondering doing the same thing and putting a 300w heater in the 100g pond and put it on a low setting. I just wonder what a 300w heater would cost if it ran for a whole month straight in the dead of winter.
  12. I seem to have shrimp deaths after a water change on occasion, I try to keep it under 20%, usually just 10%.
  13. Maybe synodontis eupterus
  14. I just pulled some of mine to start breeding in one of my shrimp tanks. I think adults breed all the time we just never see the young or eggs because they get eaten quickly. I caught this video of them mating briefly.
  15. I have removed heaters from a few of my tanks for the summer, they won't go below the 70's where I am at.
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