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  1. Hey all - I am visiting my husband’s family near Malone, NY. I’m from Oregon. I expect this place would be perfect for aquariums since most of the year is spent indoors due to the snow - but no local fish stores. Anything aquarium related within a couple hours drive that is worth seeing? I brought my passport. 👍
  2. Do you have any Vienna guppies in store? I am male heavy and could defiantly use some new females for a bit of diversity.
  3. It’s so creepy what our phones are capable of doing. Glad to hear the ads are tasteful and I hope they work because I need the Co-op to stay around so I have a steady supply of sponge filters. My hobby is out of control. 🤠
  4. My husband rushed up to me while I was peacefully enjoying some chili on the sofa tonight to show me that he had a Co-op ad on his YouTube. I have YouTube premium so I don’t see ads. I think it is crazy how YouTube tagged my husband as a fish nerd, presumably just because we are married (?). The dude has one 12 gallon salt water tank and I bought 99% of it. He is defiantly not a nerm. To those of you who have seen them - are the ads any good? It’s silly, but I feel like I’m missing out. 🤷‍♀️
  5. Thanks for posting the pics! It was nice seeing all of you.
  6. Me! What is going on with the met up? I can’t find any info online.
  7. Hello all - Who all is going to Aquashella Orlando this month? I’m hoping to meet up with some locals to go collecting.
  8. Hello all! I am looking for some tubs to burry at my home in the Willamette Valley (Oregon) to keep fish over the winter outside. I found this post on Facebook marketplace and I am wondering if the tubs would be safe for ornamental fish. 🤔 my gut says that this is too good to be true. Am I wrong - or did I find the best deal ever?
  9. Glad to hear that this coloration is normal for 24K guppies. It’s not what I pictured in my head - but maybe I can work the line to make them what I imagined. 🤷‍♀️ But I am very happy to hear that this coloration is normal. Thanks for the input! I will defiantly look deeper into the red spots. One showed up with a spot, but I only noticed the other one’s spots when I pulled them for photos. They act healthy and eat well. I will text for ammonia, monitor temperature closely tomorrow, and test anything else I can think of. If that does not give me any insight into the cause of the spots - I have a cycled 100 gallon I can move them into and we will see if they improve. Thanks again y’all. I will let you know what happens.
  10. Hello all. I was a little too trusting when setting up my outdoor tubs and ordered “24K gold” guppies from eBay. They were gold as juveniles, but I noticed one had a red spot on its tail fin upon arrival. I read that a red spot could be caused by ammonia poisoning and hoped that was the cause and simple good water quality would heal it. What I did not expect was that the fish would turn black/grey as they aged. They do NOT look stunning gold to me! ☹️ I’m not sure if they’ve produced fry - my tub is heavily planted and they share the space with rice fish. I see rice fish fry, but no confirmed guppie fry yet. My goal was to breed the guppies and sell them. Do 24k guppies require heavy culling or did I just get ripped off? I don’t want to sell the good looking offspring if the line is trash and they will end up looking like this as adults. I contacted the seller on eBay and he suggested aquarium salt. 🙄 Ideas?
  11. Hello! I’ve had my eye on the Ziss Hatcher ever since it came back in stock. I have 10 celestial pearl danios that I’d like to breed. This would be my first time breeding egg layers and my first time hatching baby brine. It’s a very small operation and the Ziss hatchery seams cool but way too big for what I need. (1) Can I hatch a full batch of brine in the Ziss and keep them fresh for a week? (2) Can I hatch a 1/4 batch in the Ziss or does it have to be filled to work? (3) What mini hatchery (not the Ziss) have people used with success? @Cory Have you done a video on making small batches of baby brine and/or storing live baby brine?
  12. Hello! I am planning on driving up from Oregon next weekend and would appreciate local info on the selection of rocks and wood in store. One of the items on my list is a narrow piece of wood (driftwood/logs) between 16 and 18 inches long to stick out of the top of my kid's tank. She wants a pink plant for her aquarium and I am not messing around with CO2 - so we are going to try a begonia above the tank. Any info on selection and general pricing of hardscape would be awesome.
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