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  1. Typically the fish which is affected and the others seem to be acting normally no erratic swimming no gasping for air eating well etc.
  2. It's been suggested on another Forum it could be Columnaris 😒
  3. Thanks for the reply is that US or UK gallons because they are different I normally work in litres 🙂 would I add the salt to the tank directly or is it best added to a water change then added it slowly to the tank? I have pure sea salt would that be ok there's no additives in it. Also what can I expect to see happen to the plants? I've put the fish back with his tank mates he seems to be acting normal and it's not got any worse.
  4. Noticed this today on my White Mountain Minnow. No other fish appear affected. I don't have a quarantine tank or hang on tank so it's in a bag at the mo. I thought it might be a fungus so bought some API Pimafix. I've added one dose to the tank so far. Also wondered if it was Ich? Any Ideas?? it's a pinky white blob / spot.
  5. Any fellow Brits on the forum? Any fellow Brits wish they had a store like Aquarium co-op ?? I know I do. Also anyone know of a store similar to A co-op This one is for Cory when are you coming across the pond to open a store in the UK? 👍
  6. No for such a small thing it doesn't half cause stress and tests patience 🤣
  7. I've stopped adding the Stability so hopefully a more natural process will take place and also save me some Stability for when I might need it 😊 I've not let the Ammonia sit at 0 I've been topping up to 2ppm in order to feed the bacteria. This will be my next step I dosed it today so will test tomorrow. I've cycled a tank before and had a different experience which was the classic feeding with Ammonia eventually 0% Ammonia, high Nitrites eventually falling to 0 and 0% Ammonia and Nitrite thereafter. Then the appearance of Nitrates. I think goes to show the Nitrogen cycle is and isn't an exact science.
  8. yes it is I've posted my issue in general discussions I'm not to concerned about the Nitrates at this point.
  9. Hi I am currently in a fishless cycle in a planted tank and have been for approximately 3 weeks adding 2-4ppm ammonia this is now being reduced to 0ppm within 12/16 hours. The Nitrites have stayed steady at .25ppm all the time and not increased or decreased. The Nitrates are around 5-10 ppm closer to 5. I have also added stability on a regular basis. What is happening ?? Can I do a partial water change to dilute the Nitrites and then safely add fish and stability at the recommended dose and time period along with Prime. Your advice is very much appreciated.
  10. It's been approx 3 weeks hoping to have school of Harlequin Rasbora maybe 10 and some kind of dwarf non aggressive (or less aggressive) chiclid as a centre piece fish as well as Cory looking for a good selection od community fish. I'll post my cycle issue in the relevant section because it seems stuck??!!
  11. Hi signing in after watching lots of Aquarium co-op videos on youtube. I'm just recycling my tank 260 Lt I've moved from Malawi to a planted community and almost there on the fishless cycling. It's just the Loooongest time ever.
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