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Found 21 results

  1. Hi there lovely people. Huge Cory/Co-op fan from the UK. I've kept tropical fish for years, and have had lot's of different types and kept them to varying degrees of success. We are currently having our garden completely re-landscaped, and my wonderful wife who doesn't share my love of fish has agreed to us getting a pond. I am incredibly excited but i have a few questions I would like a hand with if possible? Some details first of all. Not sure to the degree of detail i need to go into, but the pond I have purchased is the Laguna preformed 980litre. This measures 6ft X 4ft X 2ft. It will be completely above ground, and will be built into a block and slab built raised bed. Here are my questions; Fish/Stocking - I was planning on getting the fish all at a small size (up to about 3inches each), and stocking with 5 canary yellow goldfish, 5 red goldfish, and 5 sarasa comets. I then wanted to reduce the numbers as they got bigger, only keeping my favorites of them. Does this sound ok as far as stocking when considering filtration below? Filtration - I have a 1500litre per hour pump which is going to be hooked up to a terracotta plant pot which I will have a mix of mechanical and biological media in. This will then come through a bamboo spout and spill out back into the pond. I also have a home made 6 inch square sponge filter which will be run from a solar powered air pump. Plants - I have got a couple of 40cm black plastic plant pots that i want to put in upside down, with holes cut into them so that they can be used as caves, and then use them as shelves for planting on top of. Our garden is east facing, and the part where the pond is gets full sun for a few hours at the end of the day. We are in the UK with temps around the 22 most of summer, going up to 30+ on barmy spells. Does this sound ok, and what plants would you go for? Many thanks for anyone who reads and replies. I'm so incredibly excited! Dom
  2. Hi wanted to introduce you to my new 34 gallon tank. Currently has phantom tetra 3 black and 3 red who are still a bit shy (only been in for a couple of days) and a few assassin snails. You'll have to excuse the algae still playing with lightning and ferts.
  3. I’ve always used API melafix & white spot cure for quarantining new fish, and I’ve been lucky enough so far that I’ve never had to treat sick fish, but I was wondering if there are any other meds I should buy that I’ll be able to find in the UK?
  4. Hi Guys, UK hobbyist, new to the forum. Would be nice to share pics and story's with like minded people. Give advice and receive knowledge from fellow aquarium fanatics.
  5. Hello everybody, My name is Emil. I'm originally from Czech Republic. I've been keeping fish since I was a little boy. As a teenager, I used to work in my sisters pet shop and the aquarium section was my favourite. I had a big break from the hobby when I was at uni and after I moved to England. Got into it again a little over two years ago, Aquarium Co-Op videos have been incredibly helpful during my research. It's only recently that I've become a member, I'm sorry it took me so long... 🙂 Been postponing it forever. I'm currently running only one 90L (20 gal) fish tank but I'm going to set up a tiny 20L cube in my home office. I'm an android developer and it would be nice to have a companion and something other than the computer screen to look at. Maybe a pea puffer. If I manage to train the little guy how to be sassy, it can help with my work - go to some meetings for me. Despite not being the most talkative guy, I hope I'll be at least semi-active in the community and find new friends 🙂 ^^ most recent photo of my tank
  6. Just saying hello and looking forward to participating in the community
  7. Hi all New to planted tanks but a big fan of Aquarium Co-op on youtube - followed lots of Cory’s advice when setting up my 60 litre aquarium 2 months ago. Struggled a bit in the beginning with algae with too strong a light so replaced it with a fluval aquasky and now doing much better 🙂
  8. Hi! I'm Crow, 20 year old University student from the UK, I used to keep fish when I was a kid and do lots of research on forums for my stepmother who had multiple FW tanks and a gorgeous 120 gallon reef tank. At the beginning of September I realised I was in a position to have fish again and have been obsessed ever since. The image is of my 15 gallon display tank, currently home to 8 corydoras habrosus, 6 CPD's+1 juvenile, and very soon to be home to 3 sparkling gourami (they're arriving in the post on Wednesday, I'm incredibly excited). At some point I really want to do an ecosystem tank, i.e look at a few images from underwater in the Amazon and decorate a tank+use stocking that would be found in that habitat. I adore my current tank and the way it looks but at the same time I really want to feel like I'm staring at a piece of nature, my current aquascape is as natural as a golden retriever. Edit: also home to some number of shrimp, I got a random assortment of 18 neocaridinia for £18 and some of them have been very berried lately
  9. Hey guys ... First time posting on here or any aquatics forum ... so First off ill say I am from the UK not the US (so things might be slightly different) but im struggling to find the answer im looking for so here goes ... I have 3 pepered corydoras im 99% sure 2 males 1 female ... so reading all the things to do with breeding ect my "issue" ( not so much of an issue more of a inquiry/wondering) is that my cory have between 10 to 30 eggs every 2 to 3 days and I can not find anything to suggest that is normal 😂😂 ... im am starting to get slightly over ran with fry and not so fry fry... although this is fantastic and I love the fact they are breeding and obviously happy and i must be doing something right ... has anyone else came across this before ??? I dont want to change it just wanting an answer as to why ... also I dont loose many of them maybe 10 out of 100 normally because they get little air bubbles stuck in there tiny bellies and they then float and pass 😞 Thanks in advance 🥰
  10. Hi there folks, I've watched the breeding for profit series several times and today decided to turn my 15G long tank into what I hope is something that's going to work. My LFS has taken fish from me in the past for cash payments and we've got a good relationship built up. I'm mostly here to ask if you folks think this tank is going to work with the way it has been set up. The centre has a bundle of java moss, a nice cluster of rocks for the shrimplets, some valesneria, java fern on wood and a small crypt. Stocking is 10 painted fire red shrimp and my own line of red cobra guppies (1 male 5 female) that I bred from tiger endlers and sunset guppies. Thank you from the UK, Josh.
  11. Any fellow Brits on the forum? Any fellow Brits wish they had a store like Aquarium co-op ?? I know I do. Also anyone know of a store similar to A co-op This one is for Cory when are you coming across the pond to open a store in the UK? 👍
  12. Hi signing in after watching lots of Aquarium co-op videos on youtube. I'm just recycling my tank 260 Lt I've moved from Malawi to a planted community and almost there on the fishless cycling. It's just the Loooongest time ever.
  13. Hi everyone ive just re homed 3 adult flying foxes and 1 albino bristlenose, I didn’t know they had problems but when given them last night, they all look like they have a little fin rot. the water they were brought in was 🤢 I’ve put them in a nurse tank with water from one of my other tanks, given them some plants to hide in and eat from. I put an air stone a small pump and heater so should be comfortable temporarily till they can go in my clown tank. I was interested to know if anyone could point me in the right direction to fix there fin rot, I’d also like to give them something to cover anything else they may have. I live in the uk and have been unable to get erythromycin or the general care used in America. does anyone know of an equivalent in the uk?
  14. Hi Nerms, just getting into the forum and finding my way round. Just thought I would try uploading my 40G tank for opinions 🙂. I have been a hobbyist for oh nearly 10 years and getting more and more into plants, happy for any views or comments.
  15. Hi Cory. Hello everyone else just joined your forum. Love from the 🇬🇧 Cory do you ship over here.?
  16. Hi. I have an 200ltr 4ft long with three opaline gouramis, three angelfish and a Bristlenose. What would you suggest I add to live on the bottom. Fine sand substrate.? 😁
  17. Hey Everyone. I'm Penny and I've been lurking around for a little while, trying to absorb some of your knowledge bit felt it was time to say hello 😁 I'm super new to the hobby and I am trying to find out as much as I can to give myself the best chance for success. I'm going to be setting up 3 nano tanks, I want them to be heavily planted and possibly keep a few shrimp and maybe a Betta in each. I plan on getting the tanks planted and settled for as long as possible before even thinking about putting anything alive in there. I'm interested in any plants you think are must haves in nano tanks I have 3x 2.7 us gallon/10lt and one 4 gallon 15lt.. I'm thinking lidless to let the plants get big as possible. Thanks for all the super interesting posts... I know these won't be my only tanks.. the hobby just doesn't work that way! 😂
  18. Hi I'm Libby from the south West England. I love aquarium co op videos and learning about fishkeeping. I have a Betta called Big Tuna and 3 amano shrimp, a nerite snail and 3 Ramshorn snails in a 7 gallon but they are about to get an upgrade to a 17 gallon soon 🙂
  19. Hello Fish Folks, What a fantastic idea Cory, thanks so much for setting this up to share the love and knowledge of water keeping! We have 10 tanks on the go at Bedon Cottage Aquarium, based in Norfolk U.K. mainly Betta fish orientated, but diversifying and exploring all the time.
  20. Hi All, My name is Teddy and im from London. started the hobby a few months ago and loving it so far! Excited to learn more about the hobby and interacting with everyone 🙂
  21. Just wanted to say hi all and say this forum has helped me loads. Really supportive people on here with some great suggestions. 😉. Phil G
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