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Found 6 results

  1. I know Maidenhead Aquatics sells a variety of tanks, but they’re very spendy considering how small a lot of them are. Does anyone know good places to get good quality 80-200 litre (20-50 gallon) tanks in the UK, and where to buy stands for them? From what I’ve seen online, it almost seems as if the US has a much larger selection of tanks that are easily available for pretty cheap - is that true, or am I missing something? If I wanted to get a 50 long, for example (how I wish I had the space for one), would I have to get it custom made? Just asking because I’ve been trying to decide how big I wanna go for my largest tank, but I was doing the math and a 40 gallon & basic equipment would cost me at least £700 just to set up. That sounds ridiculously expensive to me.
  2. Hi everyone! I’m from London and I’ve been in the hobby for some time now and I’ve gone through different setups. I’ve had nano tanks, community tanks & breeder set ups etc! I’m going through the process of setting up my new 144L shallow tank & I should be taking delivery of my 310L in a few weeks. Both custom!👀 I’ll be building my own stands for the very first time and I’ll be using my tap water for the first time too! London typically has hard water & high nitrates. It should work out great for my Cichlids once I get them! Currently, I’m running a 112L Community Tank. Tank inhabitants include Red Lizard Whiptails, Silvertip Tetras & more. I hope to learn a lot about the hobby on here & also teach as much as I can too 🙂 Thank you!😎
  3. Hello all from The Lake District UK! Loving the YouTube content and always learning more and more listening in on Cory's podcasts/Live streams. It's fantastic what the Aquarium Coop team are doing to promote the hobby as well as keeping a business going. As a relatively new fish keeper (around 8 months or so now). Am finding that one way or another I'm accumulating more tanks 1 at a time and always wanting to try something different. My largest setup at the moment is my 180L (47 US Gallon Bowfront) community tank that I rarely need to change water in, if at all. Plants like the guppy grass and hornwort grow for fun as well as the Broadleaf stem plants (of which I can't remember the name of 😬). I've always got plenty of platy and molly fry on the go in there, and have to take around 30 into the LFS at a time to keep numbers down, and considering I don't really have hard water, they still seem to thrive. My question is, what would make a nice centre piece fish with the rest of the community, or even a few larger fish that would stand out again the usual smaller community fish?? I know Cory has answered this a few times in past videos, but I wondered what the community thought and could suggest, as well as a bit of an intro to the rest of the NERMS out there 👌 Thanks! Aaron
  4. Hi there folks, I've watched the breeding for profit series several times and today decided to turn my 15G long tank into what I hope is something that's going to work. My LFS has taken fish from me in the past for cash payments and we've got a good relationship built up. I'm mostly here to ask if you folks think this tank is going to work with the way it has been set up. The centre has a bundle of java moss, a nice cluster of rocks for the shrimplets, some valesneria, java fern on wood and a small crypt. Stocking is 10 painted fire red shrimp and my own line of red cobra guppies (1 male 5 female) that I bred from tiger endlers and sunset guppies. Thank you from the UK, Josh.
  5. Hi signing in after watching lots of Aquarium co-op videos on youtube. I'm just recycling my tank 260 Lt I've moved from Malawi to a planted community and almost there on the fishless cycling. It's just the Loooongest time ever.
  6. Hi everyone, My name is Joe and our family have bought our first ever aquarium 3 months ago. It was purchased from our local fish store and is a Jewel Rio 180 litre. Only adjustment we have made was replacing the lower sponge cartridge with ceramic rings instead of sponge to encourage more bacteria growth. We love just watching the tank and enjoying all that’s going on in their little world. Been a bit stressed with algae but am learning to be patient and make small adjustments and wait. Only suffering from a little stag horn algae now, but not too much. we have a mix of Neon Tetra, Lemon Tetra, Betta, Otto and Corys . Also amano, cherry, bamboo and giant African shrimp. Just love the shrimp. The cherry are already breeding and we have a slow increase in their numbers. The babies are so cool. Its all live plants with a small rough gravel of 2 different sizes. Have used tropics plants and root tabs and am daily dosing TNC lite fertiliser. Looking forward to chatting with you all. I have been listening to all of Corys livestreams whilst at work and have learnt allot from them. Many thanks Cory. Hope your all keeping safe and well. take care... Joe
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