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  1. Just so know what to look for, will the Fish's side totally heal? How will I know if it worked, or if I need to up the dose to furan and kanaplex?
  2. Uh, I've a typo. I meant a 25% drain, and added back to 50g total. (I only drained 10 or 15g of water)
  3. I just did a 25g water drain, and added enough water to bring it up to about 50g (so I can use less meds) I then added the prescribed 5 packets of erythromycin, and 25ml of ich X (I forgot the salt, but oh well). I will also be buying a new heater, as the one in the tank has been dead long enough that the water in the tank is 66 F... (that might explain the sudden onset of whatever the fish have...) (though I think it was 80 the other day when I checked....)
  4. Perfect thanks! One more thing. Do I need to follow the directions on the erythromycin? Or do I do one dose of erythromycin and leave it for a week?
  5. I have live plants, can I put them outside in a tote of water without fish, or will the bad stuff stay on them, and come back into my tank even after a week or two? I wouldn't care, but I probably have $60 or so in plants, so I don't want to get rid of them unless I need to to save fish. Mean time: 1. I'll take out the plants, and carbon, and put the plants in the tote. 2. Then I will add 1TBSP for every 2g of water. 3. Can I use erythromycin or General Cure instead of maracyn? Just since I have some on hand, and can get it way easier and faster than Maracyn...
  6. 0ppm ammonia 0ppm nitrite 5-15ppm nitrate ~7.8ph I asked Aquarium Co-op, and they said it might be fungal (columnaris possibly) and to treat it with salt and maracyn. Should I just hit it with the med trio and hope it dies? (I have the API version of the med trio on hand, but could order the current version, but I'm not sure if they are mixable or if I would have to do a 150% WC before starting the Fritz version...)
  7. Here are the photos of the old DNR with the chin thing.
  8. Hi, I have a rainbowfish that is sick. I bought 12 rainbowfish from a local breeder and one had a weird bulge on his chin (I think he had it when I got him, but I don't know. I know that he did have it within a week or two after I got him.) I ended up euthanizing him because I wasn't sure if it was genetic or what, and didn't want to have baby DNRs with that same issue (or have him spreading it if it was a disease). No one on Fishlore had any idea what it was, and the breeder thought it might be lymphocystis (it was too uniform for that, I think, but who knows). That was a male by the way. Now, I have another rainbowfish, a female this time, that has a similar looking spot on her side. It doesn't look 3d like the male's was, but it is hard to get a decent photo as the rainbows are kind of skittish. The other issue is that my angelfish ALSO has (I think) something going on with his lower lip. His lip looks bigger than it should be, and kind of lumpy. He is black, so getting a photo of a blackish looking lip against a black fish is hard. Here are some photos I took, hopefully they will help. I have had the tank set up for about 4 months or so, and other than the rainbow, an apisto died (I think) from stress from the angels (or maybe one of the other two apistos) fin nipping him. And the blue angelfish I had in there also died, I don't know what from. These are the two currently sick fish, the angel and the rainbow.
  9. I ended up deciding on 3 apistogramma borellii, 2 angelfish, got a good deal on 12 dwarf neon rainbows, and then 3 each of habrosis and pepper corys. They are all about 1" (longest might be 1.25"), so I have some time to figure out the aggression issues, if there are any. Does that sound like a decent stocking level, or do I need to change something up. I realize that this is NOT the most efficient way to breed fish, but I think that since it is in the living room the main goal is pretty (which it is). If I get eggs from any fish, then I'll monitor, and see if they are being too aggressive, or if the eggs are going to be eaten. The 4" BN pleco is probably going to be put in my 60g guppy tank, just to avoid him eating any eggs during the night. I appreciate the help, and any input now that I have a more finalized list. I also added some of the pogostemin stollatus octopus, anubius, and jungle val (new to me, so still pretty limp and sad looking) from my 60g to help any nitrate issues. Though, I doubt there would be any issue, as the tank was heavily stocked with African cichlids only 5 days ago and had at least the pleco, the entire time. I'll try to remember to add a photo tomorrow...
  10. Ehiem Jager or Fluval m-series. There are others, but I have had several of those and only one Eheim that died (the rest still work. The Eheim had condensation inside, so I thought it was time to replace it...)
  11. At least I've learned SOMETHING from the last week poring over the internet lol
  12. Watching because I want to get a breeding pair myself. What species? Agassizii Fire red?
  13. So would that mean the tank minimum temp would fluctuate between 68 and 72? Or you would just set the heater thermostat to between 68 and 72 so the corys would be happy? I heard the Gymnogeos needed to go down to at least mid 60s to be healthy, something to do with their circadian rhythm, is that true? How many of each fish should I get?
  14. I was on another thread, about breeding for profit, but I think I have decided to skip the "for profit" part and just let nature take its course. If I get fry, then great, otherwise, the tank will look good (only display tank, so that is the real goal at this point). I have decided on A. Borelli (either 2 pairs, or a male and 3 or 5 females), a few (no idea how many I can have) gymnogeophagus Balzani (or more colorful, if I can find them), and some sort of dither fish (maybe Buenos Aires tetra, or Odessa barbs). At this point, I will be keeping the tank at room temp (the air gets down to 62ish in winter, and no more than 80 in the summer, so the water in the tank should stay above 65 and below 75. no heater. tank water: Gh=150ppm Kh=200-230 Ph~8.0/// tap water (based on the city water report) Tds is 350 with a range between 340-360. (Ppm) "Specific conductance" is 500 ranges between 480-520 (umhas/cm) 1) are there any other super colorful SA fish that would work with the ones I like (the gymnogeos, and apistos)? 2) any idea if the gymnogeos and apistos will kill each other during spawning (probably just breeding the apistos...) 3) what should the stocking numbers look like? Thanks. Sorry for changing my mind on a dime, it is SO difficult to find fish that I like and that don't need 8 million gallon tanks to keep LOL
  15. So, what do ya'll think of these stocking options? 1)) 1x Acara 1x Angel 1x Pair of dwarf cichlids (apistogramma,rams etc.) 1x BN pleco 10x medium sized tetra (lemon, red serpae, black phantom etc.) 2)) 1x EBA1x Red Spotted Severum1x Nicaraguan cichlid3x Red Head Tapajo Geophagus10x Red & Blue Columbian Tetras, as a schooling fish With 1, I was thinking maybe Bolivian rams or apistogramma cacatuoides or borelli (but I dont know if any of those are easy maintenance wise). With 2, I love this setup, but I dont know of it is realistic. (I LOVE those severums, and that Nicaraguan cichlid, but not sure if the severum is too big for my tank, long term.) By the way, I plan on getting as many of these fish as 1" so long, so they all grow up together. Some, that might be impossible, but I want the smallest ones I can get so they are less prone to violence (hopefully).
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