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Found 3 results

  1. I'm looking to breed some apistogramma. However I can't find any local to me. So I'm thinking we can buy some online. However I have a few questions: When buying apistos to breed should I just buy a male and female, and hope that they will pair up. Like is there a good chance that by having a male and female they will pair up. Or am I better to buy 6-8 juvinilles and wait for a pair to form out of those
  2. Hi all, I recently scaped and cycled a standard 10gal. Please see the attached pics for reference; I tried to follow the video where Dean explains how to set up a 10gal to breed apistos. I hoped to have a little community thing going on after being told by my LFS that borelliis are a more docile variety of apisto. Despite my ambitions, soon after starting to stock it about a week and a half ago, the problems began. In my vast impatience, over the course of about a week I added: two apistogrammas borellii 6 endlers -- 4 adults and 2 fry hitch-hikers (thank you LRB Aquatics!) 6 corydoras similis Can you guess what happened? The endlers are fine but I am down three(!) adorble and expensive corys and the subdominant apisto is on its way out, and I am pretty sure all of these fish have died from being bullied in combination with some other stress factor. For example, the cycle might not have been as done as I thought -- I've been seeing nitrites in the water, but I'm not sure if this is from all the dead fish decomposing before I can net them out or what. Chicken and egg. What I know for sure is I definitely did NOT receive a breeding pair -- in fact I think I got the most macho alpha male apisto you'd ever want and the most sickly, weak beta/omega male you can imagine. I understand this was a possibility since they were too young to sex; I took my chances and lost. Anyways...I also know I did a lot of things wrong with this tank. I let it cycle but didn't let it mature. I added fish way too fast. I didn't quarantine any of them. Now I'm just trying to pick up the pieces. My ask: Where do I go from here? Does anybody have any similar experience with this kind of thing? Is this normal apisto borellii behavior? Did I overstock the tank? Any other interesting/insightful fish aggression stories you can share to help others out? Thanks.
  3. I was on another thread, about breeding for profit, but I think I have decided to skip the "for profit" part and just let nature take its course. If I get fry, then great, otherwise, the tank will look good (only display tank, so that is the real goal at this point). I have decided on A. Borelli (either 2 pairs, or a male and 3 or 5 females), a few (no idea how many I can have) gymnogeophagus Balzani (or more colorful, if I can find them), and some sort of dither fish (maybe Buenos Aires tetra, or Odessa barbs). At this point, I will be keeping the tank at room temp (the air gets down to 62ish in winter, and no more than 80 in the summer, so the water in the tank should stay above 65 and below 75. no heater. tank water: Gh=150ppm Kh=200-230 Ph~8.0/// tap water (based on the city water report) Tds is 350 with a range between 340-360. (Ppm) "Specific conductance" is 500 ranges between 480-520 (umhas/cm) 1) are there any other super colorful SA fish that would work with the ones I like (the gymnogeos, and apistos)? 2) any idea if the gymnogeos and apistos will kill each other during spawning (probably just breeding the apistos...) 3) what should the stocking numbers look like? Thanks. Sorry for changing my mind on a dime, it is SO difficult to find fish that I like and that don't need 8 million gallon tanks to keep LOL
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