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  1. Thanks for the info. I’ll continue digging. And I would consider visiting the USA for breeding group. If it can be shipped to P.O. Box.
  2. Thanks for the info. I’ll continue digging.
  3. I’ve been hoping to breed these guys as well up here in Canada. I’ve had good consistent success with the Rainbows (thanks to @WhitecloudDynasty) and really want to find a breeding group of these…. any suggestions would be great.
  4. We’ll, amazingly there is only 1 fry now with a crooked spine. Either the others straightened out or they grew legs and crawled out of the tank! Very curious.
  5. If that’s the XTreme Nano, I use it. And it does “drop” or sink quickly. The shiners still dig through my subwassertang to find it though. This has turned into a very useful thread. Thanks everyone.
  6. Whoa!!!! @WhitecloudDynasty you’ve been holding out on us!!! I mix up my foods, bloodworms, brineshrimp live, algae wafers, flake food…..you name it. But I don’t actually look the at content ingredients!!!! I have a lot to learn still! That’s a good thing. Or I’d be bored.
  7. I’m also hoping natural selection will sort these guys out…..but I have no predators, just time, I suppose.
  8. Thanks for that. I’m personally leaning towards water conditions as to your point. Perhaps the breeding tank is older we’ll conditioned water vs newer water (after the water changes during Meth Blue removal etc.) As for future batches, if it doesn’t repeat, it’s not genetics….yet. @WhitecloudDynastymentioned I likely have so many different ones mixing right now that the gene pool isn’t too lean yet….
  9. So after breeding my Rainbow Shiners for a year and a half or so I just produced a batch with about 20 or so fry with crooked spines. The eggs had a 20-30% death rate. Yikes. However, The following group of eggs/fry were all fine so I’m wondering if it was 1) a bacteria problem (water quality) 2) really tough eggs and they couldn’t bust out before injuring themselves 3) genetics 4) bad batch/bad luck Any thoughts? Like I said the next group that are swimming now are all perfect.
  10. So interesting. I never considered water pressure. Of course. Thank you. Always learning and accepting of more helpful information.
  11. I may have the airstone on too high. Perhaps It’s creating current and causing the fry to fight it. I’ll lower the water level too. I was keeping it full to the top thinking the more clean water in the tank the less chance of it going cloudy.
  12. …..and then today I see 70% loss of newly hatched fry! I did a final water change on day 3 after collecting the eggs, my water was aged 24 hours. Not sure what happened!
  13. Another point of interest is how temperature affects growth rates of fry. At 70F+ from egg to swimming is consistently 10-13 days. My tanks are at 63F and the fry took 20 days fully swim and that doesn’t include them all. Many are still laying low in the bottom.
  14. So I moved 1 male and 2 fat females into a 5 gallon hoping to breed them. The male ended up in a potted plant next to the tank a few days later. I don’t have lids on my tanks and clearly a 5 gallon is too small for those adult fish. Too bad.
  15. Too late now! Guess we’ll see what happens. I’ll set the mood with some Barry White music.
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