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  1. Yes I do!!!! I’ve traded some now. And a member from this blog has some of mine now too. They look amazing in big schools. My LFS is interested in carrying some. They are doing really well. I will continue to grow them out and put the majority outside next spring and see if anyone else is interested in them.
  2. Learned something else today,….…..was adding some 1 month old fry to my 65 gallon tub for my aquaponics setup. That tub has some 2 month olds and some 3 month old fry in it. Shiner Fry will eat anything they can get their mouths around. I don’t know why I thought it would be different, except that some fish don’t eat their young (White Clouds etc.). I fed the older ones heavily before adding the newest but they were very intrigued by the new fun food source I’d just added. ……they may be all picked off by tomorrow. Time will tell. Another lesson learned. I need more tanks. I always need more tanks!!!
  3. We’ll, I understand the benefits of Summer Tubbing now. The shiner fry that I put outside in my ponds are the same size as the ones I have inside. The inside fry get a variety of foods at my expense, and the ones outside eat whatever they can find and whenever they find it. I just need to get through this coming winter and have a good survival rate before I really trust the cold weather parameters of the Rainbow Shiner. If they do well, I’ll be stocking my ponds more heavily in the spring and going forward for growing out. …just the Fry in the ponds are more timid and difficult to photograph.
  4. …..And my math was way off when I was asked in an earlier post by @WhitecloudDynastyhow old my fry were. I said 45 days. I need to clear the fog from my brain some days. My oldest 2 fry are from an April 20th spawn. Only 2. Very proud. Then my next successful spawn, collection and hatch of 150-250 fry was May 6.
  5. This tank has the fry from the early May groups. May 6 and May 14 spawnings so these guys are 9 & 8 weeks old. I’ve put about 100 of these outside already but the remaining I want to monitor growing indoors. I just added 100-150 fry from June 11 & 19 spawns to a stock tank that feeds my aquaponics grow op. They’ll need another 3-4 months before they are big enough to eat enough to poop enough to feed the plants!! Keep spawning Shiners because I’ve got plans for you guys!!!!
  6. Had my first over feeding of BBS with a tank of fry. It was exciting to feed them and see there bellies full and brown. I have a tank with some 11 days olds and they were taking BBS but not all of it was eaten and by morning the tank was quite cloudy and a few dead fry on bottom. ……lesson learned. Rookie mistake.
  7. So how old is the first set that are starting to colour up? My oldest batch is 45 days old.
  8. @WhitecloudDynastyyou said earlier that your ponds freeze over during winter and the Shiners do ok? What about your White Clouds? My ponds currently have some 1-2 year old White Clouds from inside, and 1 month old Shiner fry. Wondering how they’ll all do overwintering with freezing temps. this could be a discussion for the fall LOL….?
  9. @WhitecloudDynasty what size are you tanks for you Shiner breeding setup? ive watched your YouTube videos but I missed you saying it. 10 gallon? And how long are you growing them out in those tanks? Im going to run out of space and I can’t add tiny fry to tanks with larger fish, they need the safety of their own tanks to grow out.
  10. That’s awesome. True stock tanks. My outdoor ponds are ornamental in the landscape and really challenging to net the fish once they’re in. Once they’re outside, they may be outside for good. Those shiners are lightening fast! Great mosquito control!!
  11. @WhitecloudDynastyi think you’re likely the most experienced Shiner breeder on this group chat...... How frequent is the spawning activity when the summer temps set in? For me in the winter (60-68F) approx every 14 days. Right now (78F) they look like they wanna go at it every few days? If I just let them spawn out in the open and not collect eggs, does that change their patterns or behaviour? Theyll be getting lots of protein by eating their own eggs!
  12. I had a strong number of eggs hatch out this morning. All eggs have been emptied into grow out tank with light and flow on low. .....and now we watch....and wait. If nothing else, this hobby teaches patience.
  13. I’m planning to stock an AquaPonics vegetable garden setup in my house. 2 x 75 gallon aquariums. Plus 2 outdoor ponds. After that, not sure. I definitely need to watch my stocking levels and go crazy. it’s still early.
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