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  1. Here's another picture where you can see how it starts and stops.
  2. So I just brought home a new 36 gallon glass bow front aquarium. While cleaning everything off I noticed what I think is a very long scratch on the bottom. It's in a curved shape and there is no spidering. I can feel it lightly on the inside of the tank but not on the outside. It's also starts and stops a few times which is why I think it's a scratch and not a crack. Will this effect the integrity of the tank? Should I bite the bullet and just drag it back to the store. Aesthetically I could care less since it will be covered by substrate but the last thing I want is a year down the line to have a 36 gallon water explosion in my living room and all my fish die. Pic attached. Sorry, it's very difficult to get a good pic so not sure if it will help or not.
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