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  1. Was looking at my aquarium tank out of a bit of boredom, and found this little guy wriggling around the tank. Anyone know what it is? I know there’s a few commonly found small white worms in aquariums, but I couldn’t find exactly which one it was. If it helps, it moved a lot like a worm. Also, ignore the algae infestation on the glass, trying to get that worked out!
  2. Kinda curious, would methylene blue work? Seen it a lot for medicating or quarantining fish, but it hasn’t been mentioned yet.
  3. Had this exact problem with an old beta a few years ago, definitely fin rot + possibly columnaris + maybe some fungal infection. 1: Add a sponge filter. A filter, while also not curing the disease, will help keep down levels of toxins and give a place for the bacteria to live in. Make sure it is specifically a sponge filter, as carbon media may remove medication. 2: New medication. While Melafix and Pimafix are good for treating their respective kinds of disesse, they are not as good for serious ailments. Maracyn and ICH-X would work much better. 3: More aquarium salt. If the infections is getting that serious, more aquarium salt will help out. Make sure not to add too much though. I’m not an expert on fish, but these should help a bit!
  4. That might be it! The Salvinia and algae were probably using up all of the nutrients, leaving the frog bit with little to none. Definitely gonna up my fertilizer usage! That was a mistake on my part, I ALWAYS mix up nitrites and nitrates.
  5. I hope so. Should I leave in the dying leaves or prune them (already pruned some of the really extreme ones)???
  6. They’d love it, some plecos even have driftwood as part of their natural diet!
  7. Very low flow, currently using a sponge filter with an air stone in it. Wetness could possibly be an issue, since they occasionally get wet from small bubbles, but not that much. Should I add something in the sponge filter to help decrease the flow?
  8. Probably either Splatoon 3 or Pikmin 4, some of the best modern Nintendo games!
  9. Don’t know this from experience, but that’s biofilm, and pretty much any scavengers or opportunistic feeders (including plecos) will gladly eat it!
  10. Mayaca Fluvalitis would be PERFECT for the tank, checks off all of the boxes!
  11. A couple of days ago, I got myself some floating plants! While the salvinia is has grown fine, the frogbit has been rotting(?) away. Almost all of the frog bits have been turning brown around the center, but the roots still seem fine. Some of the ones with more severe browning also have their waxy coating coming off. There’s also a strange sort of film around them, which I have no clue about. Does anyone know what could be causing this? There is currently an algae bloom in my tank (was cycling the tank, finished cycling, algae took advantage of unused nutrients), and a few mosquito larvae (not sure if this is normal) so those might be possible causes. AMMONIA: 0ppm NITRITES: 0ppm NITRATES: 20ppm
  12. That seems like it should work! Would it be pre-cut or would I have to cut it myself?
  13. First of all, I’m a first time poster (have had this account for a few weeks though) so hello forum! With that out of the way, I’ve been looking for a good DIY option for an aquarium lid. I’ve been trying to find a good lid for my tank (12” x 6” x 8”), but I’m nervous they won’t fit. So I thought that if I made a DIY lid, I could properly customize and size it it to ensure the lid would fit! Are there any easy options?
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