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  1. Ahh there is UNS controsoil in that tank. Maybe that's it? I don't notice any foaming or lasting bubbles on the surface. I do have coop ammonia test strips. It read as 0 ammonia, I did follow the 30 sec up down dipping instructions. Maybe im reading my strips wrong. I'll take a photo , even tho photos often change the colors. There are definitely only 5-6 CPDS that aren't breeding. A handful of red rili shrimps and 1 small amano
  2. I did a 60% water change just now. I usually do a 50% change every 1-2 weeks. The last one I did on this take was a week ago. There are quite a bit of botanicals in there that might be contributing to the nitrites. I'm certain it's 1. I just did a third test on the tank water and it's definitely a little pink. Out of the tap the water parameters are this: Nitrate & Nitrites 0 GH 75 kH 80 Ph 6.8 I did drip acclimate him when moving him to the 4.5 gallon.
  3. Comparison. This is what he looked like for most of the time I had him. These are when he was in the 10 gallon.
  4. Hello. My first pet fish and the first fish ever I bonded with is not looking good. He's a male Betta named Gloober. I got him in Jan this year as an adult. Hes a halfmoon Betta but his fins are not as full and long as the use to be a few months ago. I had him in a heavily planted 10 gallon but I noticed he was breathing hard , lethargic, and laying down on leaves or the substrate a lot. In the 10 gallon his color was normal. I moved him to a seasoned 4.5 gallon and he improved, and went back to being alert, swimming around, and a normal breathing rate. His color was good up til today. He's been in the 4.5 gallon for a week and he looks worse than ever, despite looking ok yesterday. Gloober is in a tank with red rili shrimps, and 5 CPDs (doesn't bother or trys to kill any of them. He never tried to even when he was well in the 10 gallon.) There is a faded patch above his head that wasn't there before... It's a yellowish discoloration. He was a solid dark blue head and blue body with no yellow. He's not a mustard Betta. My water parameters in the 4.5 gallon he is in now are these: this is after a water change. I used the co-op test strips. Nitrate 25ppm. Nirute1ppm, GH 50ppm, KH 40ppm, PH 6.8, Chlorine 0. Temp 78 F. In the tank is the co-op nano sponge filter and a zwiss air stone. The CPDS and shrimp r all fine, active, swimming, and eating... I don't think it's disease cuz these tiny fish are doing fine. It looks like Gloober has lost color and has a cloudyness on his eyes... It reminds me of cataracts that humans get. Is he just dying of old age :(?.... Or is this a disease.
  5. Hey! Has anyone bred shrimp while using the co-op coarse sponge filter? I have a fine sponge filter in my breeding sponge tank, but it clogs up fast. I thought I should stick to the fine sponge filter the keep the baby shrimps shrimp safe, but I visited a local store that's a coop retail partner and the worker there told me he had sucess breeding shrimp with the co-op filter! I would like to switch out my current filter for the co-op one, but I want to know if anyone else has success too before I do it. I don't want to end up killing baby shrimps in my already breeding shrimp tank :0!
  6. Hello I just got this plant from the discount section from my local store, I'm not sure why it has amazing roots 🙂 I forgot what the employee said it was. Does anyone know what it is? It looks like a rhizome plant to me but I'm not sure. I'm wondering if I should bury these roots or not?
  7. Thanks that helps a lot! The food I have is the hikari shrimp food
  8. I'm so sorry that happened to moonler 😞 but at the very least he's in a great environment as his final resting place while in your care. I'm sure if anyone else picked him up at your pet store they would've given up on him a long time ago just because he struggled to eat. Thank you for sharing this!
  9. Fertilizer doesn't kill fish as long as you follow the instructions, and put the right dose. I've used a couple different brands on my own Betta and he's still doing fine. Definitely try getting a fertilizer for your plant, it'll fix the brown leaves. It could be black/brown too if the roots are buried. 4 Pellets a day is good, I think your little guy is doing fine! His colors are really bright even in the dark photos. Just make sure you don't have any sharp decorations if you're worried about fin damage. If you run your finger on the decoration and it feels sharp or very coarse, it's best not to have it in the tank.
  10. There were 7 shrimp in there, but with the 2 deaths ofc its 5 now. I was giving about 1 pellet per shrimp, its what my local fish store recommended. Does that seem right? Ahh, my honest mistake then. I really should've tested my water right before getting shrimp. I tested it earlier in the week shortly after adding the RO water, and the GH was between 150 and 300 ppm, the KH was maybe 40ppm. I went and got the neocaridinas thinking my KH wasn't 0... 😞 I just tested my tap water and the KH is 80ppm, GH 150ppm. Is this something more suitable for neocardinas? Another question. Is GH and KH equally important for shrimp? I was confused when researching online and ppl saying "Neocaridina need hard water" and "Caridina need soft water", and the ACO test strip has soft/hard on just the GH. I looked at just my GH thinking "my water is hard! the caridinas aren't going to do well" At what point would a tank be season? I hear people say seasoned tanks a lot. I know a year old tank is definitely seasoned, but what would be the sort of minimum to be considered seasoned? I know it depends on many factors, but is there a ball park number? Assuming there's live plants in the tank and a running filter of course.
  11. You can get the eggs off the glass with a razor blade! For the decorations, just hard scrubbing is the way to go.
  12. So sorry for your lost. You did your best though after making a mistake!
  13. I can't tell if he's underweight from the side, but if you're feeding 5-10 pellets a day (how much to feed depends on the food) then he should be fine. Its okay to feed them every other day, every 2 days even. They can go a week without eating. He doesn't look unhealthy, if he was being underfed his colors wouldn't be as vibrant. Anubias is a rhizome plant, you'll want to keep it above the gravel and just let it sit on top without burying the roots. Burying the roots will make them rot and kill the plant. The plant should come back to better health if you do that. It doesn't look too bad! Java fern is the same, you don't want to bury its roots. Using vinegar to sanitize fish stuff is safe! Espically since you rinsed it with dechlorinated water, it's okay to even rinse it with regular tap. Just let it dry before you put it back in the tank 🙂 Is Betta fish not eating or is really sluggish? The fins look normal to me for a veiltail Betta.
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