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Keeping records in the fishroom



Today I asked the forum for ideas on keeping records in the fishroom. @Lynze and @Irene, both like Excel spreadsheets. @Ryan S. and @Jon G have had a good experience with the Aquarium Note app (looks like it is Android only). @DaveSamsell and @Exit31 prefer good old paper (paper wins when it come to sketches and illustrations).

But what caught my attention was @Bill Smith and his suggestion about Trello, a free project management app. It lets you make lists and keep track of your upcoming tasks and your completed tasks. @Bill Smith's implementation of Trello looks impressive.

I might end up trying paper, Excel and Trello just to see which one works out the best for me in the long run. I am on IOS so I am unable to try Aquarium Note.

So, later this afternoon I will run some water quality tests and enter the information into a notebook, a spreadsheet and Trello. Let's see which one I can keep up with the longest.

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