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  1. I got this tank awhile back and loved it so much I went back for another one :)) very nice cube tank. 👍
  2. Rice fish! Specifically the Platinum or Gold. They have been a little difficult for me to get my hands on.
  3. I have these on about 15 tanks and love how lightweight and easy they are to just move out of the way when I need to. When I first cut the pieces, I had an issue on my mbuna tank. The aquaclear filter clogged a bit while I was at work, somehow directed the flow straight to the back of the lid, which was open where it had been cut, and the water shot straight through it and out the front. Came home to a decent amount of water on the floor. I have since ran silicone along all of the edges that were cut. Learned my lesson there.
  4. Mine got a bit too nippy with mystery snails and did much better with nerites. Mystery snails have cute long flowing antenna and long eye stalks that looked an awful lot like tasty worms to my Rams so I swapped them out with Nerites.
  5. One of the best ways to tell is pond snails lack an operculum. The little flat plate you see mystery snails hauling around behind them, and use to close themselves up in their shell.
  6. Absolutely. Babies babies everywhere 🙂 thethey get quite a bit larger than bladder snails. I like to keep them in my shrimp tanks, because they eat hydra and keep the populations in check. One of my favorite snails. They are hard workers. Pretty easy to keep their numbers in check by not over feeding.
  7. Bladder snails are "left handed" which means the whorls on the shell point to the left side. Yours has a thick short body similar to a baby pond snail, which also have short antenna. Here's a picture of a little freckled baby pond snail next to some tiny baby mystery snails.
  8. I have an unheated, unfiltered very low maintenance 5 gallon dirted tank at work with a light on a timer. It has 4 male Endlers. I only do top offs on this one.
  9. Although vorticella is harmless in a lot of aquarium situations, it can be dangerous to freshwater shrimp. Vorticella can attach itself to shrimp and multiply, causing stress, suffocation and eventually death. In large numbers, can even take out a colony.
  10. Gold mystery snail photobombed by berried blue shrimp. Very pretty cull shrimp with a tiny baby ivory Mystery snail And .... Mystery snail alien mouth 😬
  11. In this tank, my Gourami has a gang of Platy minions. 🤭
  12. That little cave is still buried somewhere under the driftwood...amazing how big tanks look when fish are small. The second photo was dinner time. When I do water changes, it looks as empty as the 1st photo. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  13. If it helps, I have noticed much less predation with Dwarf Guppies and Endlers than regular sized Guppies. If the shrimp are happy and the tank is planted well, they will multiply regardless of predation.
  14. I use a python mostly on bigger tanks, but do occassionally use them on 10s and 20s as well. I have added conditioner both right before and during filling and have never had any issues.
  15. I love the way Praecox Rainbows tightly school when the cichlids are out, and play and chase eachother when they're in their caves sleeping.
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