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All of these shrimps look normal to you?


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Hi.I got 24 red cherry shrimp from who does 30 days quarantine, but when I got them yesterday, when I opened up the breather bag and put them into the container, I thought I saw something on shrimp's head so I brought phone to look closer and enlarged focusing on the shrimp head area.

Out of 24, 19 has these white sticks on them which FB shrimp group people suspects it could be Scutariella Japonica. I contacted the company; at that time, picture was not with circle marking,and she came back and says all pictures I sent to her looks completely normal...

Did not look like she was seeing what I was seeing so, I circled the area I was worried about. I have not heard back from her yet and For just in case they say send them back, I have not putting anything to it nor drip acclimating either.

I would like to know if everyone think these are healthy looking normal shrimp with white sticks as part of their red cherry shrimp (but if that was the case, why the rest of 5 has no white sticks on them..I wonder) or what me and other shrimp keeper seeing is correct and they are somewhat sick...


What is your opinion @Cory especially? Are they completely normal looking red cherry shrimp? Your store maybe sell cherry shrimp so you may know what is normal and what is not.


Thank you.


shrimp with white sticks 040721.jpg

white sticks on shrimps  040721  2.jpg

sticks on shrimps 040721 3.jpg

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If that is scutariella then it will be more apparent in profile. Hard to tell from a top down shot if that is a shine, a pigmentation, or a little white wormy thing sticking up. Try to get a side view shot. If it sticks up, then treat them with praziquantel once a week for 4 weeks. It is fairly easy to kill on their face, but takes 4 weeks to get all the eggs.


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From this angle it looks very like pigmentation to me. I think you are probably ok. Good news is, it is very not fatal, and can be easily cured, so you won't have to worry either way. If you find scutariella 6 months from now, it is easy to take out with consistent treatment.

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Thank you.It is not shine, it moves with shrimp and some shrimp has one of those and some has two but always between eyes.From the side, not sticking upwards but it is sticking forward.My local fish's cherry shrimp has nothing like this...... Just theirs...

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