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  1. yassy

    Violet cory tail

    Thank you. The white thread move individually and move like worms... if I had way to post the video, I will... and the pic above is from the video (I could not attach video here). So Hikari products, if it were 10 gallon tank, I need 0.5ml med after water change and dose it once a week?And continue 3 weeks long to complete the treatment? Am I correct? I am from Japan originally and English is my second language.
  2. yassy

    Violet cory tail

    I spotted this. Some people said it is anchor worm.What do you use? Is it contagious to other fish in the quarantine tank?Do I need to treat the whole tank? Thank you.
  3. About 10 days ago, I got violet cory from Aquatic arts. At that time, 3-4 cory out of 7 had broken fins and missing bottom fins for some (cory usually has 4 bottom fin but some had only front 2 bottom fins). AA said broken fin is from shipping and if I add almond leave and clean water fin would grow back,no worries. As for bottom fins, they said the one with missing one, they said maybe deformity or those has extremely small fins and I am not seeing it. I am observing 7 cory in quarantine tank but they were shy at first and started to be more active behavior wise and happy but I am not so sure if things I see is really nothing to worry about as they say. Reason being, some cory's back broken tail has thick white line while others has much thinner line on the back fin. I cannot take good pic because they move fast... The pic I attach is from the second day on other fish but, to show where I see the thick line I am looking at, I marked the area. My water PH is 8 Temp 76F, Ammonia zero, Nitrite zero, Nitrate 10-20 Anybody has any idea what I am seeing?Really nothing to worry about? Some cory's tail is looking like as it should have been.
  4. Aquatic arts said fins are not missing,just being small fins for those that I feel there are only 2 front fins. Do you agree? Nothing to worry about?
  5. I have some violet cory that has 4 fins on the bottom. Some are 2. First 3 pictures are with 2 fins ones. And the last one has 4 fins but misshapen tail fin,top fin. I asked AA about top fin first but they said it was not disease but rather from shipping. I suspected nipped or fin rot too and wondered if I should separate the messed up fin ones but they were already in the same water when they shipped to me, I am keeping them together for now and adding paraguard with stability for now.Today is 5th day of dosing so 9 more days to go to complete the course of quarantine but I think I would keep the fish in the quarantine tank longer til all are looking good before moving them to the destination tank. The quarantine tank they are in is with bare bottom with handful of gravel from cycled tank. Someone said with fin damage, clean water would keep it grow back and if needed, add stress guard from seachem. When I do water change, I add stress coat plus from API. Parameter is already being checked up: ammonia zero, Nitrite zero, Nitrate 10 They have arrived here with damaged fin but hopefully, fins gets better. Fins are not getting worse nor getting better,still the same way it looked. @Cory, if it were you, how would you go from here? I am just hoping messed up fin does not move on to fin rot.... I hear salt is good for fin rot but with cory, I cannot use, I believe so...I am just putting Almond leave as I was told to by AA people.
  6. I got violet cory recently from Aquatic arts. 3 of them had torn top fin,which they said it was probably from shipping,rather than disease. I was told to keep water clean and stable water parameter and fin would grow back. Today, I noticed that some cory has 4 bottom fins just like panda cory in my community tank but some just has 2 bottom fin (just front bottom fin). Is this normal? I was under the impression that cory has 2 front fins and 2 back fin on the bottom belly side. I only got panda cory in the community tank and they are my first cory to keep and not familiar with cory that much. The panda cory I already put into the community tank after quarantine has 4 fins on the bottom for all. So, it got me thinking,why some of violet cory in quarantine tank does not have 4 fins for all but only some... Does this mean some fins are missing or violet cory has different bottom fins numbers depending on the gender? I was more paying attention to top fin when I got them so, I did not notice until today for bottom fin.... Thank you.
  7. oh, it was what it was? ok,thank you. I know I messed up and before putting the white ring in there, I added egg so it is possible eggs went in without being filtered.
  8. This gadget does not let the shell into the center it says. So, I would not need to worry for shell. You say freeze just shrimp but scraping off with spoon on the bottom of the cup?
  9. I tried Brine shrimp hatchery disc from brine shrimp direct and I had tonz of brine shrimp swimming in the center now. Red tail dumbo ear female did not notice I put food in her tank and still looking at me as if not being fed,lol.But other guppy tank had good reaction and seemed everyone loved them. I have not fed killifish yet since mother in law is still sleeping in the room with their tank at. When we hatch the eggs, instruction said to add tap water with aquarium salt,no prime. So.. I put center mesh part upside down holding on top of empty jar of jam and pour treated water to clean the mesh and fed those to the tank with syringe. Then, I put the center mesh collection cup back in but still more shrimp swimming in the center. With my set up, I think I have more than enough for a day so thinking about freezing. I could feed spirulina powder and see how long they can last and feed them to the fish tomorrow too but how many days in a row, can fish eat live brine shrimp without health risk?Can they eat daily as half part of the feeding;if you fed twice, I can feed once with brine shrimp and the other feeding is with different one? If freeze, I can mix the remaining brine shrimp mixed with treated water (treated with prime) and freeze in cube for later use? The water in the hatchery is with tap water with aquarium salt added,no prime is added. So, I was thinking that way but am I correct?
  10. thank you! They do not go crazy like I feed to guppies and slow movement to eat one piece but I saw them eat ocean nutrition baby brine shrimp this morning. Last night, I fed frozen cyclops since seller was feeding it but I did not feel like it got eaten well.. I heard if killifish had sunken belly, it is not good but when I watch youtube video on them, most killifish seems like flat bottom.When people say sunken belly, belly has to actually dented inward? It is pretty obvious for flat belly in guppy but with killifish, all fish I see on site seems like having flat belly, I am not sure how to tell if klllifish got sunken belly or not.
  11. Hello.Any of you own clown killifish?How often do you feed them? Once a day?Twice a day? What are your clown killifish's menu is like? I know brine shrimp,cyclops, daphinias and possibly crushed up bug bites and fry food are good. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for the info. For now, community tank is getting flakes, frozen, dry and not live thing. Once I get clown killifish in nano tank;species only tank, then, I would plan to add in some live here and there. I read they do not take flakes food that well.And prefer frozen or live food. If I give community tank fish;guppies, panda cory, otto,shrimp, live brine shrimp like once a week, even though they are accustomed to flakes and frozen and all that, their preference shift and stop eating flakes, frozen instant brine shrimp too?Also would it condition them to go hunt red cherry shrimp baby more?
  13. Thank you. I know our guppies adore Mulberry leaves I put into community tank (it was meant for shrimp).I have not seen them munching on the almond leave.I see cory and otto do. Thank you,I will do so.
  14. @Hobbit,Thank you very much for the info.Very interesting. When you say you put left over brine shrimp in a jar, do you pour water and all or drained shrimp? I am guessing water and shrimp both in a jar and then put in the fridge?Am I correct? I like to try that. I know feeding brine shrimp to fish is great but, I have not fed it as often as I used to even with instant brine shrimp from ocean nutrition to guppies in quarantine tank or guppies in community tank once I got cory and shrimp in the community tank. I am kind of afraid if I fed brine shrimp to fish, then, they might get conditioned they can eat shrimp in the community tank... Am I worrying too much? With clown killifish, when I get them, I am planning to set up the species only tank so I am not worry about neo shrimp being eaten when I feed brine shrimp.
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