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Plants arriving Friday what do I do

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Quick question I have live plants arriving Thursday and Friday and I just noticed I have ich on one of my rasboras. I just recently treated for it and hadn’t noticed anything until today. I just started bringing my temperature back down and was on track to have it at 74-75 . But now I’m having to increase it again. My question is are these plants going to handle 83 degrees or should I float them in another tank for a while? I have some swords and crypts and 1 bucephalandra coming. Thank you for any input on this 

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I would leave the temperture at where it is. When I treated for ich it took me 6 days at 74 degrees, and it wasnt just one dot of ich. There was lots!

I would get out your ich treatment and start treating now! If you have an empty hosptial tank ready, add the fish in there. if you dont just treat as you did last time but with the temperture at the same level as it is now. 

If you have an empty hospital tank, go about as planned and add the plants as you normally would.

If you dont hav a hospital tank, thats fine. Place your plants in either a bucket or an aquarium until you know for a fact the ich is gone. 

Wait a few days after the treatment is complete to make sure you have erradicated it.

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Just saying from my experience if your meds don't work hopefully they do not only for the fish but so you can put the plants in the ich in my tank never responded to meds(after a week of treatment) but after 2 weeks of heat treatment at 86 and aquarium salt they were clear your meds will probly work my fish were also stressed but just in case it doesn't it's an idea

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They will probably survive at those temps. You'll probably get alot of melt but as long as the roots survive they should bounce back. 

That said if it was my tank I would move the fish and treat with high heat and salt until the meds arrive. And put the plants in the tank set to the temp they are going to be at regularly in order to give them every advantage because until they are established in you're tank they are at their most vulnerable stage.

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