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Howdy Fish Folks,

I'm setting up a 75 gallon dirted tank and was toying with the idea of using CO2 since I plan to heavily plant this one.  What do you CO2 users out there recommend for gear?  Not looking for the DIY route.  I don't want/need top of the line, but something decent that is dependable.  

Thanks in advance!

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I tried searching the forum before posting and these didn’t come up for me. I really don’t like asking redundant questions. Sorry to clutter the forums. 

I am also surprised to learn that it’s all the same for aquariums regardless of tank size. In all my reading no one has been so clear about that. I was under the impression larger aquariums would need larger systems. 

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@Daaveto be clear unless you prefer a micro system because you are going to have it sitting next to a nano tank, I would generally recommend the same thing whether it's a 10 gallon, or a 200 gallon tank. The one thing I might change is the size of the cylinder because the larger the tank, the less often you would have to get it refilled, because obviously you'll need more CO2 in a larger tank with more plants.

I have run 5 lb. cylinders with the same dual stage regulator on 30 gallon, and on 175 gallon tanks. The size of cylinder however mostly depends on what you can fit under, or near your tank, and on how much weight you feel up to lugging around. The regulator size is the same, unless as already said you just choose to run a nano system for the nano tank because you don't want a 5 lb. cylinder and you like the look of the flimsier nano regulators.

The thing that does become impractical at a certain point is an in tank diffuser, for me 125 gallons was the point where I switched to inline reactors, or inline atomizers because flow coverage with CO2 didn't seem to be as effective in that large a tank and some plants started suffering.

I hope this helps.

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Space is definitely an issue for me. I have my aquarium on a microwave cart with a small cabinet underneath, and will need everything to fit in there. I feel pretty good about a 5lb tank fitting, but a large regulator might be an issue. 

in line reactors are used with canister filters right? My 10g is a betta community tank so I want really low flow and use a sponge filter, so I think I’ll be stuck with an in tank diffuser as my only choice. 

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@DaaveIn my experience the diffuser is the preferable solution anyway because according to several speakers I have heard from the Aquatic Gardeners Association the fine mist of bubbles touching the leaves promotes better growth than just water dissolved CO2.

One more point as food for thought, if you currently have, or are planning on running multiple tanks with CO2 it is a good idea to get a modular CO2 regulator where you can then add on manifold blocks, each with its own needle valve and bubble counter, so you can then run all these tanks on just one regulator and cylinder.

Don't want to confuse things, just thought I'd mention these points.

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