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  1. so i have the ISTA passive c02 diffuser kit in my tank, and my Betta has decided it's a great spot to build his bubble nest, which means he's sitting in there and gulps the co2 to make bubbles with. this has me a little concerned and i'm wondering if i need to adjust the bells so he can't get into them anymore. any thoughts on whether or not this is bad for him?
  2. Thanks! I’m just looking to try out co2 in the 10g for now. I have a second 8g cube that has proven much easier to manage than the 10g and I’m planning to keep it low tech.
  3. Space is definitely an issue for me. I have my aquarium on a microwave cart with a small cabinet underneath, and will need everything to fit in there. I feel pretty good about a 5lb tank fitting, but a large regulator might be an issue. in line reactors are used with canister filters right? My 10g is a betta community tank so I want really low flow and use a sponge filter, so I think I’ll be stuck with an in tank diffuser as my only choice.
  4. Apologies. I tried searching the forum before posting and these didn’t come up for me. I really don’t like asking redundant questions. Sorry to clutter the forums. I am also surprised to learn that it’s all the same for aquariums regardless of tank size. In all my reading no one has been so clear about that. I was under the impression larger aquariums would need larger systems.
  5. Thanks so much! I’ll check around for a local brewery supply store for a cylinder. I’d like to support local before I go to Amazon. Can I usually go to the same place to refill? It sounds like CO2Art is the way to go for the regulator. Do any local (Seattle) retailers carry it? Or do I need to order it? I’ve been using the ISTA passive co2 kit that the co-op sells for a few months, so I’m hoping that’s enough of a transition to get an injection system set up starting with something like 1 bps or something. I’m not looking for explosive growth, but am tired of the struggle for a carpet with low tech. And I feel that there are a lot more possibilities for scaping with co2 injection Really good info here. Thanks again!
  6. I'm looking to venture into CO2 injection for my 10g betta community tank, and am having trouble finding a good quality system for this size aquarium. Any suggestions for where to look or the system to buy?
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