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Hello from Central Indiana

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Hello all,

Name is Chris, my wife (Glenda), and son (Sam), are new to the hobby. We just transitioned from a 10 gallon planted tank to a 20g Long.  I will upload a pic to the forum later ( light is in moon mode now).  I just got my 1st AquariumCoOp delivery today ( Easy green fert).   I look forward to learning and hopefully adding to this awesome place. 

Tank Contents:

18~ Endlers ( our 2 females just gave birth to about 13 )

3 Spotted Rasbora

3 Otocinclus

10+ Cherry Shrimp ( Have 2 prego )

2 Mystery Snails

Bonsai driftwood tree with Christmas Moss on it

Dwarf Hairgrass

Dragon rock


Aquaclear 30 with extra sponge filter on intake

Marineland 40 powerhead with Large spongefilter on intake ( estimated 90-100 gal/hr) 


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