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Congo Tetra questions!


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Anyone have any experience with Congo Tetras? They seem like a nice big and colorful fish. I’ve heard they are peaceful but I’ve also heard semi aggressive. I want to add 6 to my 40 breeder.

75-78 F
Hard water (no definitive number but I live near LA so I know it’s hard)
Filtration: Tidal 35 and double sponge filter
Moderate-heavy planting level

8 Glowlight Danios
3 Peacock Gudgeons
1 Honey Gourami
2 Red lizard tail catfish
7 Small Bronze cory doras

Will adding these guys be an issue?

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You won't have any issues. Just watch your ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite levels after adding them make sure your bacteria colony can handle the extra waste. Your water also may test on the softer side since you have plants. You would be surprised at how much organics have an effect on your water parameters.


The reason they are considered a "semi-aggressive" fish is because they are one of the larger tetra species so they do not risk being eaten by piscivorous fish. They are peaceful fish and the only real problem you may see is that they like to eat new growth on some more delicate plant species.

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I have 6 congos in a 75 gallon with black skirt tetras, gold barbs, pearl gouramis, and an angel fish.  I haven't seen any problems with them picking on any of the other fish.  They chase each other sometimes, but never cause injuries to each other.  I'm really glad I splurged on them because they are very showy.  I don't have plants in this tank, so no experience with plant compatibility.

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