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Thank you Aquarium Co-Op

Jungle Fan

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So when I got my 75 gallon tank my wife had asked a friend if there is some gadget he'd recommend for her as a gift to me and he mentioned this Twinstar Yotta + electrolysis sterilizer, it seems to work somewhat, how effective it actually is I really don't know but it was a gift from my wife and it certainly isn't doing any harm, some of my fish actually love to swim through the bubbles. It sort of reminds me of the old Soechting Oxydator I used to use years ago that definitely had an impact in improving fish health and reducing algae. The one thing that bugged me since I placed it in the tank was its white color, especially the cable that showed up in every full panorama photo of the tank.

While browsing the Aquarium Co-Op site I came across the black airline tubing. Great, so I can finally replace the blue tubing that still shows up somewhat white.Then I had an idea: I sliced some of the black tubing lengthwise all the way the length of the white cable inside the tank and used it as a sleeve for the white cable, bingo no more white cable showing up in pictures. Thank you Aquarium Co-Op! One product, two applications, it doesn't get any better than that!


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It produces small amounts of hydrogen peroxide through electrolysis which is supposed to help reduce algae spores and germs, as I said I'm not sure how effective they really are but the Soechting Oxydator  which achieved a similar reaction by means of 6% hydrogen peroxide and a catalysator used to work to help keep algae down as long as you didn't stop maintenance completely.

@DanielNot so sure if I'd trust it with hair algae, haven't seen any though, again it was a gift from my wife, so it will remain running, and now unobtrusively to the eye 😉.

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