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Glo danio red gills


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This weekend we went shopping to select the first fish to introduce to our tank. My daughter picked some glo danios. We were excited and I didn’t take a close look at the fish.  After we put the fish in the tank I noticed one fish had a cloudy looking eye.  I’m worried I may have brought a sick fish home.  Today I noticed some of the danios have red gills.  Is this normal? Other then the red gills and the one with  a cloudy eye they seem to be behaving normally   

I saw on Petsmart’s website, their glo danios have super red gills.  

  I’m wondering if I should introduce meds or aquarium salts? 


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From picture of glo danios i have seen  they have more visible red gills so I don't think it anything to worry about the eye problem I would treat with maracyn if it hasn't improved cloudy eyes are usely a sign of poor water conditions 

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