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Dosing question: Maracyn and Ich X


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My new 10 gal QT tank is finally set up. I added 4 Julii Cory cats. 1 was dead in the morning (was very pale when I got him, so not surprised). I noticed 2 more were pale with bulging eyes. I had dosed the tank with 1 tsp ich X and 1 packet of Maracyn. Brought in 2 more of the same fish (store exchanged for me). Had to go out and the 2 with the bad eyes were dead when I got home. 

They all came from the same source, so I want to treat for the popeye (assuming that’s what is was) since they all shared the same water and from same source. 

Is it safe to continue Maracyn treatment even though that 1 dose of ich x was put in? Is Maracyn the best treatment?

Don’t have any pictures as the remaining fish look ok right now. 

0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 nitrate 

temp 78-79, ph 7.2, very hard water


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