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Sticks and Stones Design for 150


Big Tank Sticks And Stones Foundation  

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So I might be getting a 150 gallon fish tank from a friend of a friend, and I am planning on a sticks and stones style rack, I figured i'd share the design.

I am not sure how I want to set up the foundation, please vote in the Poll for A or for B depending on which you would use:


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2 hours ago, Bill Smith said:

I would think it depends on the tank. If rimmed glass, A is best, because the tank is supported only on its edges. If rimless or acrylic, B would be best, so long as you get the height correct across all three columns.

I was thinking the same with A for a framed tank, but then I actually got the tank, it is an old Ambassador tank that sits more like a frameless. 

I am probably going to go with the center support, B.


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