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Four days ago I  added 5 chili rasboras and an amano shrimp to my 5 gallon planted tank which has an hob filter. My water parameters had been at ph 7.2 ammonia .25 (api test) nitrite 0 and nitrate 5 for a month before I added the fish. I am new to the hobby so I be overreacting (feel free to tell me if I am) but when I tested my water today I found that my nitrite had jumped to .25 and my nitrate had gone up to 10 ppm. I did a water change to get the nitrites down. Was this an overreaction and really just my tank leveling out with the new fish? 

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Those numbers aren't horrible. 

The thing is, is that they can change pretty fast in a five gallon tank. 

So, you're right to be staying on top of it. 

Eventually, your ammonia level will hit zero. Then, it might take a week for the nitrite level to get there. 

Cory, our forum sponsor, has said that 0.5ppm (for ammonia and nitrite) is the point to stay below.

Only my opinion.

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