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I am new here! I've watched so many AC videos, read the blog, looked through the website and have learned so much!

I set up a 40 gallon breeder in early December and I love it. It's planted and swimming among the plants are platys, guppies, candy cane tetras and a couple of rainbow fish along with the slithering snails. 

I've purchased a sponge filter setup from AC and am wondering if it is powerful enough (a medium size one) to take care of the water by itself. I currently have a hang on back filter and would like to take it off as my aquarium is not against a wall and I don't like the big, black plastic box! Also, is it ok to just replace the HOB with the sponge or should I transition slowly so the new filter has a chance to grow some bacteria?



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The Power has more to do with how much air you run through it then the size of the sponge. But whatever you do don't remove your old filter as soon as you put in the sponge. Give it a week or so to get seeded with bacteria and when you do feed less for a few days to let it catch up. 

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