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Red worm in my plant :O


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Ok, so are we in agreement the picture submitted by Schmaty is a bloodworm?  I have been searching the internet to find someone that found something like that.  I have had 5 in my shrimp/snail tank and it's creeping me.  I've never put anything in my tank to resemble that worm and just don't want parasites.  But I don't want to nuke the tank with meds if it's not like some rogue Camallanus worm somehow surviving in my cherry shrimp and pest snails.  From my pic you can see it is "big" at least compared to my shrimp.


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@Shmaty's pic has a defined head, and it is really bright red, so I think that is a bloodworm/midge fly larvae. @Gaara's pic does not have a defined head, is paler, and I think is a small leech. I had them in one of my tanks--have not seen them in a while, but assume they might still be there. neither is an intestinal parasite--callamanus are red, but I think typically smaller and rarely (if ever) seen alive out of their host. 

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