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Can these be saved?

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I just received these plants this morning in the mail, 3 Amazon Swords and 3 Jungle Vallisneria. Two of the Swords are in decent shape and the other sword can probably be saved but my question is about the 3 Jungle Vallisneria will they regrow or should I not put them into the tank and throw them away? Thanks in advance for your help, I am a novice at plants so if this question is inane please excuse me.



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It's just like @Danielsaid, it's all about the roots. Get them out of the pots, remove the rock wool, rinse them off, trim the ends of the roots some, remove the yellow, or damaged leaves and plant them. If the roots are o.k. you'll see new growth before long; if the roots look like mush you don't even need to plant them anymore because there is nothing left to recover.

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