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CPDs dying. Already treated with Erythromycin


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Hi everyone, 

I am having a heck of a time with my CPDs.  It's heartbreaking.   

I've had a group of 8 in a 9 gallon for several months.  Over the last few weeks, one at a time, they've developed a light patch (not spots like ich but a big patch, see picture) that turns into a sore and they go downhill from there. 

Parameters are all good.  Nitrate: around 20, Nitrite and ammonia: 0, Ph: 7.4, GH: 300 (yeah, very hard water), KH: around 150.  Temperature was around 73 degrees F.  I've turned it up to 79/80.  Maybe that was a mistake?

I am in Canada so I've gotten antibiotics from my vet (she is awesome) and this last case has gone through one round already.  The first time I used Melafix with no effect.  I have Maracyn Two, PraziPro and Methylene Blue on hand. 

I suspect at least this little one that is sick now, may have internal parasites.  I'm seeing a lot of stringy poop from all of them now.  This was the smallest and most slender of the group but he's been eating very well.

Do I do another round of Erythromycin?  Do I try Maracyn Two?  Do I change as much water as possible and go with PraziPro?

Another one of my females already has the light patch and will likely go down the same road as my poor boy, pictured here.  

With treatment he developed even more bumps and sores.  I fear I'll have to euthanize him today.  

I am at a loss.  I don't over feed too much and I have shrimp and snails that clean up any extra food.  I keep the water clean.  I'm at a loss! 

I thank you all in advance.  This is so bloody heartbreaking. 






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1 hour ago, desolesiii said:

I just went through this disease. As of today, 13/16 CPDs are dead. The last three are moribund, and I've been treating with Maracyn. Did you get yours as fry from Aqua Huna by chance?

I'm so sorry to hear this!  I wondered if original Maracyn would help.  I can't get that here. 

Mine weren't from Aqua Huna unless my LFS buys from them, which I doubt.  :(  Sorry no clues here.   

I was hoping my last few might survive this but if it's run through your whole group like that... I'm less hopeful.  

Thank you for your response.  I wish we both had some clue here. :(

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