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  1. Hey y’all so I’m in college I have a 7 gallon all in one uns tank. I got a school of 8 celestial pearl danios. They are going to be the only thing in the tank it is heavily planted. Their a new fish for me so is there anything I should know.
  2. My Celestial Pearl Danio is having trouble breathing it seems. Other CPDs are fine as are other fish. I'd had it for at least 6 months. What should I treat it with? I have Fritz ParaCleanse and Fritz Maracyn. I'm not sure what's wrong. Any ideas? Water parameters: Ammonia: 0 NO2: 0 NO3: 40 PH: 6.5 KH: 0 GH: 60 In a 29 gallon with 2 Honey Gouramis, a Panda Gara, 7 Habrosus Corydoras and 3 other CPD who seem fine. They are all make I believe and this one struggling is a female I think.
  3. I recently acquired some CPDs or Celestial Pearl Danios, and I thought I’d start a thread for breeding them. I have 4 males and 2 females (before today I thought it was the opposite ratio) that I got 3 days ago, today was my first day able to watch them the whole day and in the light, and my first day offering live baby brine shrimp. For several hours today I’ve noticed the dominant male chasing around one of the females, and occasionally another male will also try and chase for a few moments and then go off and do something else. I have some videos of this but I’m not sure how to add it (I’ll play around, advice would be helpful) and I’m wondering if this is breeding behavior or if it’s aggression. What are your experiences with the keeping and breeding of this beautiful species? (I posted a few videos on tiktok, I can’t get the video into the right format to post directly from my phone, would it be ok to post a link to the tiktok?)
  4. Hey guys so my college tank is a all in one sr aquaristick tank I went to my local fish store and got 8 celestial pearl danios. They said that since it is a species only tank I’m good. I just wanted to make sure that they can live happily and healthy in the 6.6 gallon for life and grow to max size. I think Reading online they said the min for a school is 5 gallons but not sure. Also any facts that I should know about them to keep them as healthy as possible. Also the tank is heavily planted. thx
  5. Hey guys so i have a question I'm going to be taking my cpds to college with me, how do you reccomend doing so that puts as little stress as possible I have a bucket and an aerator is that all they need for the drive it is around 2 hrs.
  6. Hello everyone I have 4 CPDs 1 male and 3 females I really wanted to try to breed them and make more but have never tried breeding fish. I saw them spawning in their main tank that is full of cherry shrimp so I decided to setup a small tank with Christmas moss and bring them in there to spawn for a week and then move them back to their main tank. Well I moved them about 5 days ago and now I’ve noticed some fry popping up in their main tank! I plan to move the adults back to the main tank this weekend but I am gonna get the small fry out first and put them in the small tank I have the adults in now. Would the fry I already have eat the fry that possibly hatch in the next week in the smaller tank I’m going to put them in? I hope I didn’t confuse you all lol 😆 any help is appreciated! I’m feeding hikari first bites for now but have bbs ready for when they are a big bigger! I have a pic of just one but there’s several I’ve seen so far
  7. I have one CPD with a white bump on its side. It acts normally and feeds and swims just fine. I noticed it yesterday but thought it was just the light and a full belly. i have a 5 or 10 gallon I can quarantine and treat with Maracyran. Or should I monitor it? It may just be a wound from another male…maybe? tank is a 40b with 12 CPDs, 8 white clouds and some amano shrimp. Nothing aggressive. water is: 0 nitrites 0 amonia 40 nitrates (water change pending) 68-70F (unheated) pH 8.2 hardness 12+
  8. I have been breeding CPD’s for over a year and recently had a juvenile that is very transparent. Is this a genetic mutation and can this gene be singled out for breeding? Currently keeping juveniles and adults in a 29 gallon with only shrimp and snails and I don’t have any other fish, so I don’t believe it is a different species and I have added any new plants for over a year, so I don’t believe it’s a hitchhiker. Has anyone else had any experience with this? I will plan to update this as the juvie matures, if it survives. I attached a picture of it eating with its spawn mates, to show color and opaqueness differences.
  9. Happy weekend all, I’m trying to consolidate tanks and have some celestial pearl danios in a nano. I’d lie to add them to my heavily planted 65 gallon. It’s a community tank with a handful Bosemani rainbows and rummy nose tetras. Is this a bad idea? I’m I just giving the rainbows snacks? TIA Everyone.
  10. I Have some CPD's in my 50 gallon planted tank and I Love the look of the silver tip tetras. I really want to put some in my tank but I keep reading conflicting reports about their compatibility with CPD's My tank is extremely planted so The CPD's would have lots and lots of hiding room if any bullying were to occur still a lil hesitant though and would love any advice or first hand expertise on the matter thank you !
  11. Hello All, I was wondering how to breed CPDs I have very soft water and I want to try to spawn them but I don't know what I need or how to do it. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  12. One of my cpds has gotten a large belly. She is much wider than any of the others. I tried to get a photo of her girth but couldn't get one in focus.I don't think I have seen her without poop barely protruding from her. I've not been able to see her defecate and have never seen her with string of poop trailing from her. I went on vacation and did not feed for 4 days and there has been no change in her appearance. When I do feed i feed extreme krill flakes, frozen baby brine or Hikari micro pellets she eats well. She is still active but I'm afraid she's going to pop everytime I feed the tank. It is possible she is eating cherry shrimp fry but I've never witnessed it. Not sure if she's bloated or maybe parasite releated. Any input would be appreciated.
  13. So I have a 20 gallon long that’s been running since November 2020. I originally got a group of 6 celestial Pearl danios that started in my 10 gallon tank that I moved to my 20. I had 4 males and 2 females. I had one successful spawn right before I went out of town so I lost all the fry while I was gone. Since then I’ve added a blue stiphodon goby (which disappeared, might’ve accidentally been taken out with some plant trimmings?) 7 Habrosus corydoras (lost one but I think something was wrong with its mouth, it never seemed to get bigger and was always skinny, and it’s mouth looked weird). Then I added 4 gertrudae rainbow fish (2 males 2 females) and have had 4 different super red bristlenose plecos (1 re homed when I found out my female was really a male, then one of my two remaining males died, so now it’s a new female and the original female that ended up being male). I also have a male apisto hongsloi that I added at some point as well. I randomly lost a male CPD a few months ago, it seemingly overnight had become almost rainbow 🌈 shaped and it’s mouth was moving really rapidly, like it was breathing heavily. No other signs. I tried isolating it and it died. The cory when it died I think it just wasn’t able to eat due to a mouth deformity. The male bristlenose died right after a water change, which I had dechlorinated and was slightly cooler than the water in the tank, so no idea what happened there. This has been over the course of the last few months. About a week and a half ago I added 3 new CPDs that were juveniles that had just recently moved up to the floor (my local fish store does a lot of in store breeding) and today during my water change I found one dead, it had probably died maybe 2 days ago, some decay but not enough where I didn’t know what it was and I’d seen all 3 of the new ones recently. This morning prior to the water change I also noticed 1 of my male gertrudaes was staying towards the top right at the surface, whereas the other three were swimming around the mid and top level like normal. I also noticed another of the male CPDs was doing the same as the one previously did before it died. before my water change I tested the water, there was 0 ppl nitrite, 5 ppm nitrate, 300+ on general hardness (according to CoOp test strip) and 40 kh on the CoOp test strip, with a pH of ~7.2. My temp was probably around 79 since my heater was off but it didn’t feel extremely warm. I did my water change, took out about ~25% then dechlorinated with the Fritz that the CoOp sells with the pump head, I did 2 pumps then filled the tank from my tap then added another pump just for good measure. a few hours after the water change and the CPD and gertrudae were still acting funny so I put them in a Lee’s container on the tank with an air stone, half a tbs of salt and 10 drops of Prazi pro, and within an hour the CPD died. of my original 6 CPDs only 1 female and 2 males are left, and only 2 of the 3 new ones remain. Filtration wise I have an aqueon 10 HOB, a medium sized CoOp sponge filter, and I just upgraded my other HOB to the tidal 55, I kept all the old media and added seed. That change was done this past Friday. The flow is as low as it can go but the fish don’t seem to mind, I’ve yet to see anyone struggling in the flow. I tested using the API Kh kit snd my Kh was ~4 after the water change (which is what I normally run) and ammonia was .5 (but I’d also Just done a water change) so I threw more seed in. im really at my wits end as to what is going on, why I keep having random fish deaths when everything else looks healthy. my LFS keeps new fish under observation at least a week, treats when necessary, and I keep an eye on the fish for several weeks before I take them home (I work at my LFS). I do weekly water changes, I test my water frequently, but I’m really at my wits end as to what’s going on in my tank. Below are some pictures of the gertrudae that I’ve isolated, the freshly dead CPD, and then the tank itself and some of the fish in it. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated, my best idea rn is possible gill flukes? Since I see some red in the gills, but I don’t reallly know much about them yet (I’ll talk to our aquatic vet staff at my LFS tho when I work tomorrow).
  14. Over the past week or so I have lost all but one CPD. Every day one or two would die. I did the med trio on the entire tank and they kept dying all week. I continued to feed normally half the week. This morning I fed the two that are left with my normal food, but had not been feeding recently and almost immediately the remaining adult CPD began the twitch of death and listing that was the sign I recognized all week at the sign that the fish wouldn't make it til the next day. Is it possible that my putting wet fingers in the food over a couple of months would cause it be poisonous? All other fish shrimp etc. have been fine??? I looked at the remaining food on a white plate and don't see anything obvious. I see all over the internet people loosing all their CPDs one at a time and so bummed this keeps happening to people. Thanks All! Chris
  15. Over the past week or so I have lost all but one CPD. Every day one or two would die. I did the med trio on the entire tank and they kept dying all week. I continued to feed normally half the week. This morning I fed the two that are left with my normal food, but had not been feeding recently and almost immediately the remaining adult CPD began the twitch of death and listing that was the sign I recognized all week at the sign that the fish wouldn't make it til the next day. Is it possible that my putting wet fingers in the food over a couple of months would cause it be poisonous? All other fish shrimp etc. have been fine??? I looked at the remaining food on a white plate and don't see anything obvious. I see all over the internet people loosing all their CPDs one at a time and so bummed this keeps happening to people. Thanks All! Chris
  16. Is this Lymphocystis? On 1 of 8 fish. If so, do I have to worry about my other cpds getting it and is there any reason I shouldn’t breed these guys? Planning on moving them outdoors to a tub for the summer.
  17. I am getting some CPDS to be the main fish in my new 17 gallon (24inx12inx14in) coming soon. There will also be neo blue shrimp, 4 different Nerite snail species, 10 common otocinclus, a rabbit snail, and a cappuccino snail. Having said that, how many CPDS would you put in this tank and what should the sex ratio be?
  18. I have heard lots of mixed things about celestial pearl danios aka galaxy rasboras with shrimp. I have mostly heard they will kill every shrimp they see one person said it decimated their colony of 40 shrimp to 3. I have also heard of lots of people keeping platys with shrimp and I don't see how that could possibly be better when platys get 3 inches and CPDs get 1. Could it be a aggression thing maybe? . Do you think it would be ok in a densely planted tank? If not what are other substitutes I was thinking maybe kubotai or chili rasboras.
  19. Hopefully this is an easy question for people who've kept pearl gourami in the past. Long story short, I started building a tank stand for a 29 gallon. Realized as I was getting started that I'd only need to stretch things a tiny bit to fit a 40 breeder. Petco has 'em on sale at the moment, so voila, I'm down a 29 gallon and trying to stock this 40 breeder. I'm a big fan of pearl gourami and was hoping to keep 3-4 as the "centerpiece" fish of the tank. My plan was 1 male and 2-3 females to keep breeding/territorial aggression to a minimum. After picking the largest fish, I went through a bunch of smaller species to help fill the tank out and then it hit me: I've got 40+ celestial pearl danio that are basically ready to sell! If I put them all into this large tank, I could run a giant school of ~50 CPD alongside the larger pearl gourami. Water parameter wise, they seem like a good fit. I'm just a bit nervous about putting such a large fish in with such little guys. I've seen folks recommend neon tetras with them, which makes me think they could coexist without too much trouble. Any more experienced fish keepers, especially those who've kept pearl gourami, able to weigh in on this stocking? Is my all pearl all the time tank idea doomed from the start?
  20. Hi, everyone. I have noticed my Celestial Pearl Danios have clamped fins and look sluggish and don't seem to eat well the past couple of days (and I've lost two today). I've done water changes, but my water is testing okay (other than high pH of 8.2 and it's super hard). Their shrimp, snail, and Endler's Livebearer tankmates don't seem to be suffering as much, if at all, from whatever ails the CPD. Any suggestions where to go from here? They have been in this tank since late January and seemed fine until recently. 20L with sponge filters, room temp, and a few live plants (that also seem to be dying slowly). The java moss and duck weed are doing great.
  21. Hey you wonderful folk. I was hoping to reach out to you to seek some advice. Today I received an order of celestial pearl danios from a reputable company that has me a bit concerned. They are on the smaller size. The two doa that I measured were abit less than 1/4". I am assuming it is ok to feed live baby brine at that size. I just don't know. I do have access to green water if I need to be adding it to the tank. Also should the dealer have included a heat pack? There was none included and I am thinking that may have made all the difference in the two doa. Our temperatures here have been in the high 30'f at night and in the day we have been in the mid 50'f to low 60's here on the coast of NC.
  22. Hi everyone, I am having a heck of a time with my CPDs. It's heartbreaking. I've had a group of 8 in a 9 gallon for several months. Over the last few weeks, one at a time, they've developed a light patch (not spots like ich but a big patch, see picture) that turns into a sore and they go downhill from there. Parameters are all good. Nitrate: around 20, Nitrite and ammonia: 0, Ph: 7.4, GH: 300 (yeah, very hard water), KH: around 150. Temperature was around 73 degrees F. I've turned it up to 79/80. Maybe that was a mistake? I am in Canada so I've gotten antibiotics from my vet (she is awesome) and this last case has gone through one round already. The first time I used Melafix with no effect. I have Maracyn Two, PraziPro and Methylene Blue on hand. I suspect at least this little one that is sick now, may have internal parasites. I'm seeing a lot of stringy poop from all of them now. This was the smallest and most slender of the group but he's been eating very well. Do I do another round of Erythromycin? Do I try Maracyn Two? Do I change as much water as possible and go with PraziPro? Another one of my females already has the light patch and will likely go down the same road as my poor boy, pictured here. With treatment he developed even more bumps and sores. I fear I'll have to euthanize him today. I am at a loss. I don't over feed too much and I have shrimp and snails that clean up any extra food. I keep the water clean. I'm at a loss! I thank you all in advance. This is so bloody heartbreaking.
  23. I have an unheated 20 gallon long tank nested under my 40 breeder that I want to use for a project tank! Are reticulated hillstream loaches viable to breed along with cherry shrimp? What if I add in already hatched celestial pearl danio fry? Would they or the baby shrimp be preyed upon by the loaches? Here is how the tank is currently set up, just thin layer of sand, a cholla wood log with epiphyte plants stuffed into it, mos balls, and a sponge filter. I can try to add more moss for cover, it just grows very slowly for me. I have just removed the golden white clouds who wouldn’t stop eating their eggs 😓 I can add more plants/rocks etc too if needed - any suggestions or experience welcomed 😊
  24. Please help. Let me start off with tank info. 10 gallon aqueon regular rectangle tank. Relatively new tank. Started around 12/30/2020. But I believe it is cycled. Parameters are (as of today 2/4/2021) 0 ammonia 0 Nitrite and generally between 5-10ppm Nitrate. Water tested with API master test kit. Water temp usually hovers around 76 degrees. PH is 7.5, GH 120 KH is 80. I used the API test strips for GH and KH because that’s all I have to test those parameters. I usually do a 15-20% water change with tap water treated with Seachem Prime the night before it’s put back into the tank. Substrate is eco complete. Filtration is Aqueon quietflow 10 with Fluval sponges and fluval bio rings. I also have the aquarium co op intake sponge on the intake. Lighting is Fluval nano 3.0. Tank is planted generously but I wouldn’t say heavily as most of the plants are new to me and still growing. I have 10 cherry shrimp in this tank that are absolutely thriving. They have been in there for about a month now. I have kept fish before many years ago as a younger person and never really had any issues. Just getting back into the hobby. My problem: I recently tried to add 8 celestial Pearl danios that I purchased from the LFS. I acclimated them with bag in tank. Waited 30 mins and added approximately 8 oz of my tank water to their bag. I repeated this process 4 times for a total acclimation time of around 2 hours. I then netted the CPDs and added them to the tank. In 3 days all but one have died. Most of the CPDs seemed on the small side to me even for nano fish. I’m just wondering if perhaps I got a bad batch from the LFS or if I’m doing something wrong. I have heard these fish are quite hardy and can tolerate relatively wide range of parameters as long as they are steady. From what I’ve researched, my parameters and tank set up should be adequate, perhaps not absolutely ideal, to support these fish. Just wondering if anyone with more CPD experience can chime in with some advice or anything. I’ll do my best to respond to questions or responses in a timely manner. Thanks in advance. frustrated and confused
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