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how can I dim my finnex stingray? it is to bright for my 20 long and I don't think my crypts like it. and my anubias/java fern are growing a lot of algae

my ideas get some more floating plants, put semi transparent tape on the light.

what I can't/don't want to do raise the light, add a dimmer.

thanks for the help 🙂

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Maybe an opaque light diffuser?  I think the hardware stores have them up to 2x4 and some stores will cut them to any size.    Before purchasing maybe try some Wax Paper or Parchment paper to maybe save money and confirm it works and you like the look.    Just a thought 


Good Luck 

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I have black screen door screening folded in half,  so it it 2 layers under a section of my 36 inch Fluval 3.0. I keep one side of a 40 gallon breeder darker for the Anubis and Java's,  and light the other end brighter for the crypts to keep them from getting tall.  The Fluval also has a dimmer so I can control that way as well...

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