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Question on Hydra


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In my red cherry shrimp tank, I saw little tiny dot with white single string coming off of it. It does not have upside down umbrella shape to it nor thick stem like thing onto the dot. Is this going to be Hydra;something to worry about?

I watched video Cory did here 

But the one I saw is not like that green nor the shape. I tried to take video but cellphone camera is not good enough.If you see white dot with single white hair coming off of it and move with current and dot stays on the front grass, is it baby hydra?? If you got Hydra,are they easy to spot with naked eye? I saw the dots when I was checking aquarium with zoomed up video mode.With naked eye, it is bit hard to spot. I let my husband watch the video and the video I took but he said he did not see anything on the grass...

@Cory,what tool did you use for the video above to record? If anything you could recommend to take good,better aquarium picture of video,I will be appreciated. Thank you.

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It would be hard to know whether you have hydra, as it could be just beginning, could have different eyesight etc. As far as getting shots like we did, we use about 5k worth of gear. You might look into a macro lens for your cell phone. That should help quite a bit for close ups. Other then that there is quite a bit to learn and decide to get better fish pictures. A lot of it will come down to budget, $200-1000 makes a big difference, after that not so much as anything above will do pretty well if chosen corrently.

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Thank you, @Cory. Definitely 5k tool are out of our budget. I will look into macro lens for cellphone..

That being said, my husband checked tank for red cherry tank and watched your video above and said he did not see anything. I went back this morning and I saw the same ones near HOB area;white dot with white string (how can I attach video on post?? I tried my best for still pic for this. Please see attached picture).I am not sure if it is going to be hydra later on.

But I did find Hydra;the upside down umbrella shaped one in another blue dream shrimp-snail only tank (in this tank, I only pulled 1 dead shrimp in past 2 months ..I found Hydra in unexpected place. I had to pull off one by one in other red cherry tank so, I thought if I find bug like this, it will be inside the red tank but..

I do not have molly nor other fish you have mentioned in the video.I only got platy and guppy So, I ordered Planaria zero and Penacur C and digital scale that I can weigh under 1 g.

Which one of the two is safer? Would it kill plants? Is it true once you treat tank, you cannot put back Nerite snail even though shrimp are unaffected with med?

For now, I had DIY baster;cut airline tube, stick it on the tip of 10 ml medical syringe without needle and I used that and sucked up the Hydra in the blue shrimp tank but if I see 2, there will be more..so I need to treat the tank.

I am originally from Japan ( I live in USA but born and raised in Japan) so I can read instruction in Planaria zero if it had Japanese instruction (reading up the review on amazon, I maybe able to find instruction in Japanese) but measurement is different from here. Even if I convert measurement, it would be strange number with US measurement way. Do you have any blog post or video on dosage in American measurement for planaria zero? Or penacure C method for killing hydra? I think it is 0.1g for 10 gallon if I decided to use doggy dewormer but I do not know how to treat the tank with either med yet. I need to look for it.


Lastly, thank you very much for fish stickers.Our 6 years old really enjoy stickers coming with order and ask me if I order something from you again,lol. He wants sticker:-)Each time, different sticker unlike other places I shop from so, he is getting excited when he see Aquarium coop box in the mail box:-) He is decorating his tool set toys and his chair with stickers:-)

hydra or not.jpg

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