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What deficiency causes leaf ends to brown on Water Hyacinth?

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In this tank val, dwarf sag, and giant duckweed all thrive with no ferts added but the water hyacinth will get very brown leaf tips that take over the leaf as it ages. The plant still survives and even multiplies though. It does not get the browning nearly as bad when I fertilize (see pic) which I do the small daily dose method but if I even miss a day or two the browning is noticably worst. Anyone know?



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So Its really hard to see because overall your hyacinth looks really healthy. The burning tips is usually a sign of lack of nitrogen but looking how green your new leafs are it is probably isn't that. But seeing how dark some of the older leaves and what look like holes that are forming on the bottom bulbs connective to the leaves. It looks to me phosphate. Since you mentioned you do smaller daily doses, it sounds like it falls in line with phosphorous because usually most people try to limit their phosphates. At least thats my train of thought as to what could be happening.

When I kept hyacinth in my pond It constantly stuffed itself out with a boom and bust cycle. One of the only plants I've ever kept that still kept propagating even with massive deficiencies. Just because of the cell structure of the plant(or how thick the plant is I'm not sure how to word that) and how quickly it grows it will literally strip your water of everything. It's kinda crazy how this plant will just make babies in attempt to survive even when it's yellowing and dying. 

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I don't know how many Watts they put out but it could be the culprit at that distance, problem is if you elevate them more your bottom plants might possibly not get enough light. I don't really think it is anything to worry about from your picture.

My mother had a houseplant, a Philodendron, she used to mist the leaves of for years under a plant grow light. It was the healthiest of plants but the tips of the leaves looked like your hyacinths because the intensity of the grow light with the water drops used to just burn those areas, did not diminish the overall awesome looks though.


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