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Is there a semi-immersed plant that is aromatic?

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Hey @Fish Folkthanks for posting those videos! After hearing more about plants like sweet potato, basil, and other plants out of people's HOBs, I want to do some of that, and I'm happy that mint is safe. We had it around the outside of our house and it quite literally grows like a weed! You can throw a 1" mint plant into the ground in mid-May (planting time in upstate NY), do absolutely nothing to it after an initial watering, and by the end of September you have mint runners 10 feet away or more. Must be a nitrate-sucking monster in a HOB. I've also heard, anecdotally, that it repels certain insects. This summer will be my first in retirement and I can't wait to get outside and do more gardening, and bring some of that into my aquariums too. 

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16 hours ago, The Lone Aquarist said:

I’m curious if there is a plant we could grow with leaves out of the water, or semi immersed that people have noticed is aromatic? 

I listened to an L.R. Bretz live stream recently where he mentioned Brazilian Pennywart(?) as being aromatic, maybe.  


Yup, as has been mentioned, basil would be my go-to hydroponic aromatic, and a blooming lotus would be beautiful AND could live right in your aquarium. Other aromatic flowers that can be grown hydroponically are carnations and orchids, ooh la la!

Mint can be grown hydroponically, but look out! It reproduces via runners and could quickly fill up and clog up a HOB filter. One fragrant relative of mint is catnip! Look out, fishies.

There are other fragrant herbs, like sage and rosemary, that could be grown in a hydro setup, but most would like really good drainage and wouldn't like to have their roots sitting directly in water all the time. For these, it would be better to have them in a self-watering container with a water reservoir beneath the soil, then you can use your water-changes to water them.

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