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Hello, Excited to be Here!


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Hello everyone,

I want to start by saying I am a major fish nerd. I have probably been the person that has read the most and done the least with fish tanks. I started with marine reef keeping in 2013. I had a 29 gallon reef for around 3 years I think. I had children and found I didn’t have the attention span and the care needed to successfully keep such a small reef. Over that time I found a lot of helpful advice on a forum. Fast forward:

I have always talked about fish and shared with my wife the desire to have fish again. I love having the ability to form an entire micro habitat for these beautiful animals in my care. I don’t want to have another marine aquarium any time soon. I wanted to start back in freshwater, because the cost and necessary time are less for freshwater. I also have done next to no learning about freshwater fish and I would love to know more about them

My wife, recently told me she would like to get me an aquarium for my birthday, but that she thought “correctly” that I would want a say in the process. So.... getting the go ahead, I dove right back in. I have been obsessively reading books, watching YouTube videos, and researching everything I can about keeping a freshwater aquarium. A lot of my information has come from Corey and aquarium coop, so I thought that If I was going to join a forum, this looked like a good community to get in to. 

I plan on having a 20 gallon long and I will start a build thread as things move forward. For now I am going to see what everyone else on here is up to to get some inspiration and share ideas. I don’t do social media because it is toxic, but having a community of people that love fish as much as I do....... is something I can get behind. 

Thanks for reading so much! Talk to you all soon!



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