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Well, I think my tank is fully cycled! According to my NH3 test, there's no ammonia and we've had no loss since Friday. I've gone from daily water changes to every other day and everyone seems to be doing fine. I have added 7 plants into the tank and with the exception of the dwarf grass it all looks fine. (I think I'll replace the grass, when I get more fish.) 

If you remember, I started my tank on January 13th, then added fish on January 16th, and did not actually know anything about aquariums. On the 16th we added 14 fish and one snail. We now have 6 fish and one snail. It's a 29 gallon tank, so plenty of room to add more. I have 2 guppies, that should breed so I don't want to add them. I want to start with more Cory Catfish since we have been left with one. Then more neon tetra's. I would like to go to Aquarium Coop to get the fish. My question to you is, should I wait until it's been a full month before adding more fish in or can I go this weekend? Do I need to quarantine them if I get them from Aquarium Coop?


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