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Rams take bubbles to nest!

James Bull

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He wasn’t chasing them at all he swims over collects bubbles in his mouth the swims back to the nest which is about 7-10 cm away! He spits out the bubbles and he continues until he is on camera then just stares at me until I move away then he continues! Have you heard of a golden ram and German blue ram breeding together before?

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Found this thread when looking up the same behavior.  

I have a female black gbr who started doing the same on her second batch of eggs.  The male didn’t do it... initially.

The last two batches of eggs, they now both will do it.  

The eggs are on driftwood on the opposite side of the tank (29 gal) from the sponge filter and air stone.

One will hang out with the eggs, the other will zip off across the tank and behind the filter.  That one will come back, and assuming it doesn’t lose the bubble on the way, switch in to guard the eggs and spit the air bubble towards them.

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