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cherry shrimps and snails


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Hi all ,

In the journey of building my 7.5 gallon eco system I always planed to have cherry shrimp in my tank .
I worked  to grow amount of algae on the walls , two of the wall were thick green covered .

long story sort my crypt was covered in algea too and was about to die I introduced Ramshorn snails and the plant is now green again  and growing faster problem is the snails are so good at cleaning algae that the tank is sparkly clean now no algea in sight (maybe on the macro level that I dont see)  the completely removed algae from both walls  

I was planning to get some shrimp this weekend will the snail eat all of the shrimp food ? I see many people keeping snails and shrimp together ? I want the shrimp to do better then the snails ( the snails were are very happy to be in  algae infested tank doing all king or breeding and dancing ) but they now ate all of it 

sorry if it is a silly question 

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I chose ramshorn snails after one normal baby one showed in my tank I added 1 blue and two pink and I love them . To be honest I almost what them as the only livestock . But I got this tank to have blue dream shrimp and maybe two male guppies 😄 so let's see what will happen 

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