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Corydoras Mimicry


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Hello everyone,

I found this really cool article on mimicry between different Corydoras species and other catfish: 

 - https://cefishessentials.com/blog/corydoras-catfish-pigment-patterns-behaviour-crypsis-and-habitats/

 - https://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/features/the-littlest-hobos/

I found it pretty cool how many different species of catfish (certain species within the genera CorydorasBrachyrhamdia, Otocinclus, and various tetra genera) sometimes mimic each other and school together for protection.


Corydoras duplicareous and Brachyrhamdia rambarriani.

Corydoras Catfish | Pigment-patterns, behaviour, crypsis and habitats - CE  Fish Essentials

"Skunk" Brachyrhamdia spec.

Hello, there! Welcome to the World of Bettas! — Otocinclus Diversity: Part 1

Corydoras paleatus and Otocinclus flexilis.

This article had me craving for an all Corydoras + mimics biotope for my next project (in the future. Of course, I have to ask my parents for a new tank once I have more space). I was wondering if anybody keeps/has kept any BrachyrhamdiaOtocinclus, or tetra species that interact/mimic with Corydoras species. How availible are they, how much did they cost, and where did you get them?


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4 hours ago, Colu said:

A read an article about corydoras hastatus mimicking  serrapinnus krigei   tetra species

Yes I noticed dwarf cories in particular mimic different tetras. I know C. hastatus mimics several different species (Hyphessobrycon elachysOdontostilbe kreigiOdontostilbe pulchra, Gnathocharax steindachneri, and Aphyocharax paraguayensis), but I have not found any resources regarding mimics for C. pygmaeus. Does anyone know of any pygmy cory mimics?

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Something cool I found. Sometimes, my pygmy cories will sometimes hang around my Siamese algae eater (Crossocheilus oblongus) and follow it around, even though it is a much bigger fish than they are. I think this is because of the similar coloration. Both have black stripes going down the sides of their bodies.

Anyway, I just thought that was kind of interesting.

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