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Hmm. That is some very good food for thought there Daniel. I know for me personally, being that i am quite new to the forum, i often wonder how i come across to others. I love this hobby, but i love helping people more. With that being said i often worry about coming off to much like a know it all, or an eager beaver searching for validation from others. Thats never my intention, i just truly like to help anyway i can. Your advice does have me thinking of how i could post better advice, in an effort to add value to this wonderful forum. So far i feel ok about my posts, but there is always room for improvement. Thank you Daniel, i will keep your words of wisdom in mind moving forward. Hands down this is the best forum i have ever come across. 

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@Will Billy Luckily for me I don't have to worry about whether I seem like I am a know it all. The answer is...yes!!! But we all know nobody knows it all.

Just because somebody sounds like they know what they are talking about doesn't mean they do (especially me). I have given incorrect information more than once on this forum.

For example in a recent post about snails mating I jumped in and said:


Sounds like I know what I am talking about, right? Wrong!

@Sapere_Ceta nicely, and gently gave the correct answer:


The lesson I learned is to be careful repeating something you read somewhere as truth. Especially about something you haven't done personally. I have never had mystery snails or read up on them. I think I watched a PBS video on snails mating and was parroting that info.

But one of the beauties of this forum is for every @Daniel who gets his facts jumbled up a bit, there is a @Sapere_Ceta to gently get the discussion back on track. Does anyone remember the old SNL skit with Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtain as debate partners where Jane would give a thoughtful answer to a question and then Dan would then turns to her and say 'Jane you ignorant &$@(...'   That's not how we do it on this forum.

I guess this is a very long way of saying don't worry or be shy or self-conscious about posting, but if possible speak from personal experience. It is hard to go wrong from there!

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