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Hi all,

Long time  hobby aquarist, noob into live plants.  I have had various tanks over the last 30 or so years but have always had plastic plants 🤢 .  A couple of years back, I put some live plants in the mix, probably the wrong food, and they melted (which i didn't leave in long enough after to see if new growth would appear, and got a bad case of the snails.  Enter Aquarium Co-Op, perused the web site, pondered, took the plastic plants out, pondered more, let my stock go down to like 3 fish and had a very bare tank.  Got back on to Aquarium Co-Op, bought 1 Java Fern, 2 Vallisneria, and 2 Water Sprite.  Very impressed with the shipping, very fast, granted I live about a 2 hours or less drive from them with Seattle traffic, but still was impressed.  Was a little cautions and put the pots in the tank and let them set for about a week before I planted them in the tank.  When I bought plants before from a local store, the roots were horrible root bound and couldn't free them easily from the rock wool.  Not the case this time!  The plants were easy to remove and plant and soon showed new growth.  First purchase was a trial run on both my ability and what I would get from Aquarium Co-Op.  Very impressed!

Anyway, rambling along...  Looking forward to reading posts and getting suggestions via the forum, already posted a question on Vallisneria...



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