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Hi everyone my name is Irene and I’ve been following Cory and Aquarium Coop for about four years now. I’ve been keeping wet pets, fish and dwarf frogs, for 21 years, though I’ve been the most successful since finding Aquaroum Coop by way of KG Tropicals when I was doing research. I first began following Jenny on Solid Gold because I was keeping gold fish, mine died at five years old was in a five gallon aquarium I got a 23 gallon aquarium with sand substaite and silk plants, I stopped rinsing all my ‘dirty decorations and filter under warm running water when doing my monthly water change. My next two goldfish were telescope eye calicos I’d for four years before moving to another town. I had the 23 gallon, and six nano tanks one 8 gallon 3 5 gallons and a 4.5 gallon. My nano aquariums all had bettas, but my 8 gallon had two pea puffers. I donated all my fish to Petland and donated my aquariums. My 23 gallon got scratched badly during a cleaning the 8 gallon got cynical bacteria I emptied it and threw out the substrate. In my new town I’d a 9 gallon fluval flex and two 20 gallon aquariums all wth fluval stratum planting soil. I got anubius nana Anubius Java Fern and Java moss. I’d Malaysian trumpet snails in all my aquariums and I tried my had at planting cryps. They keep getting up rooted I’d a dwarf groumi in my 9 gallon, and a colony of guppies in my two 20 gallon tanks. I’d a two dwarf frogs in my bedroom 20 gallon and 8.corydora catfish in my dining room 20 gallon. I later got a 3,5 gallon on my counter with a betta. Eventually my groumi passed away and my betta upgrades to the 9 gallon, I put away my 3.5 five gallon. I moved in with my parents because of my health I went down to just my 3.5 gallon with live plants and a betta. My sister moved in with my kids I downsized to one 20 gallon with all of my plants guppies and Cory cat fish my frog passed away. After a year and a half I moved into my own apartment got my aquarium stand and 9 gallon fluval flex all my equipment my new 6 gallon aquarium I never set up,  all my live plants and my Corydora cat fish I donated all my guppies, except four juvenile males I missed but took along. My betta passed away from neglect when I was battling depression, 😞 I nearly gave up but just took a bit of a break from wet pets only caring for my plants in my new apartment in the 20 gallon my daughter asked for for her sweet sixteen birthday present, I put sand substrate in my 3.5, 9, 20 and 5. Put in sponge filters and heaters. I added the guppy fry to the 3.5 gallon, two female Ballon Belly mollies and a male Ballon Belly Molly in the 20, my 3 bronze corries in my 9 gallon and 3 pepper corries in my six gallon. 2 if my pepper corries passed so I put the last one in the 9 gallon I bought a female veiltail betta for the 6 gallon added the guppies and put two dwarf frogs in the 3.5 gallon. I bought a male veiltail betta and put him in my 9 gallon.  My Molly girls had fry two survived to a month old my Molly male died. Three guppy fry died I put my last one in the 20 gallon and put my Molly girl in my 5 gallon. Everyone seemed far and happy.  All my tanks have live plants though my daughter really liked a silk plan I added two marimo moss balls to go with her scooby doo pirate theme. 🤗 she wants glofish tetras in all 6 colours and I will add albino Corydora ‘ghosts ‘. Mollies are part of the clean up crew, and the villagers. I have kept fish as soon as I got married and moved to the city. I did not always know what I was doing, till I found the fish fam on YouTube especially Cory! My daughter is the only other fish nerd in my family. Thanks Fish Fam, Thank Aquarium Coop Team! ❤️🤗







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