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Gina L

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Hi everyone,  I am very new to the hobby and I have a weird situation.  I noticed a few of my rummy nose tetras had about 5 white spots on them last week.  The next day they were gone.  I have seen one spot here and there on a couple other fish and that is it so I am not sure if it is ick.  The big thing though I am noticing is a number of my fish flashing.  I have a 55 gallon tank and about 6 of my fish are flashing.  I treated with salt last week and it seems better - not white spots at all but still a lot of flashing going on.  I have one Dalmatian molly in particular that has the shimmys and is almost obsessively flashing.  Not sure at all how to treat this.  I have lots of plants and 2 african dwarf frogs in the tank so want to be extra careful how I treat.  Not sure what to treat with either - ick, flukes?    I think my water parameters are good.  nitrate is 20 but my ph is 8.1.  I tested my tapwater is I am on a well and it is high ph.  Thanks!!!

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