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New product speculation/suggestions


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Ive been keeping fish and invertebrates for a few years now and im always looking for superior products or implements that improve the quality of life while keeping aquariums and ponds. 

There are two products that I have been looking for to no avail:

1. Long tweezers or tongs that are gentle enough to grab snails without causing any damage to them whilst keeping hands dry.  All the tweezers or grabbers on the market just arent designed for this purpose or I dont have the dexterity to use them effectively.  I dont want to use a trap everytime I want to feed my puffers.  If they arent on the glass, I usually end up having to grab em with my fingers.

2. When I need to remove all of the fish or shrimp from a tank or pond it always turns messy and is extremely tedious.  Perhaps im I'm just not patient.  I looked around for a small trap(like a bait trap)to passively collect fish but nothing is on the market that will catch nano fish.

What products do you wish exsisted? Discuss. 

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Regarding #1, you could probably just use long aquarium tweezers and rubberband or otherwise attach a towel to each side to damper the metal tongs. For small snails I've used a bulb syringe or turkey baster to suck them up (or to suction them up off the gravel a bit, and then net them).

For #2, I don't have any great ideas. When I used to try to catch bait in a pond or creek we would have a large net, spread it around then lift together. Depending on your plant situation you could try just a larger net, put it around the bottom and lift it up all at once? Just a thought..

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