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Found 7 results

  1. Sooooooooo. This is a random poll for the best aquarium products. Add any others at the bottom. My favorite overall is seachem prime. Enjoy, and comment on your favorites. Below!
  2. We recently ordered from Co-Op and purchased a few minor, miscellaneous items more to "test out" than anything else. The products are really great quality. Black Air Line Tubing -- This stuff is great when you've got black backgrounds. It really "hides" nicely. But much more important, the ease of working with the rubber-like plastic is a dream! No more wrestling with stiff airline, trying to get it to fit onto air stones, on valves, etc. This stuff is very flexible, while still sealing wonderfully. I'd buy it in any color over some B-grade airline. Once you get this stuff, everything else is inferior. Ziss Aqua Never-Clog Air Stones -- These are nice, because the stone is heavy, and holds airline down in the water. The end can be screw-tightened by hand to make finer flow, or loosened for a more rapid bubbling. I'm slowly replacing every airstone in our fishroom with these. They're just great! 4-Way Metal Gang Valve -- I've got to confess, I've been struggling with terrible valves until now. These are amazing! Never again will I waste money on cheap plastic junk, with knobs that are hard to turn. These metal valves are really easy to turn. It would be nice if there was a simple way to clip them to the rim of a tank (maybe someone has a hack?). They can be really finely regulated. I want to really commend Co-Op for carefully rolling out products that are quality. True hobbyists will come to love these products!
  3. The Co-Op is super-selective about which products are actually worth it to source, produce, and sell. I really appreciate that. I would love to see a Pico sponge filter variation that has the height of the Small, but the width of the Nano. I would like to be able to purchase green Co-Op lift tubes in lengths that fit in standard Co-Op shipping boxes. Cheers
  4. I'd like to suggest a product for you to carry: Removable Graphic Adhesive. I use it to affix backgrounds to my tanks (even if those are just black garbage bags). Works like a charm and means I don't have to deal with dried paint if I want to change a background when I rebuild a tank. I'm sure there must be different sources, but this is the version I'm familiar with in the hobby:
  5. Ive been keeping fish and invertebrates for a few years now and im always looking for superior products or implements that improve the quality of life while keeping aquariums and ponds. There are two products that I have been looking for to no avail: 1. Long tweezers or tongs that are gentle enough to grab snails without causing any damage to them whilst keeping hands dry. All the tweezers or grabbers on the market just arent designed for this purpose or I dont have the dexterity to use them effectively. I dont want to use a trap everytime I want to feed my puffers. If they arent on the glass, I usually end up having to grab em with my fingers. 2. When I need to remove all of the fish or shrimp from a tank or pond it always turns messy and is extremely tedious. Perhaps im I'm just not patient. I looked around for a small trap(like a bait trap)to passively collect fish but nothing is on the market that will catch nano fish. What products do you wish exsisted? Discuss.
  6. We all know that the Co-Op has great products. But what other items would you purchase there, if they stocked them ?
  7. I was curious if anyone had some great face mask recommends. I quilt so I’ve made some but there are some that are just awesome. I got some from Korea for my kiddo on Amazon. I want a shrimp or betta one but I found one for my husband.... (In case people are not aware of 80s anime...it’s a Gundam....think transformers) I have a science and a math one as well
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