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I am setting up a new tank and will move some of my Val. Do I cut the runner at the mother plant end? New plant? And do I leave it hanging off or cut it off entirely and toss it? I’m not sure if it propagates from the same runner or if it melts back. 

I have regular jungle Val and dwarf that have both sent several runners and I’ll be trimming and moving. 

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9 minutes ago, Squid88 said:

I personally cut my val runners off the mother plant once they have some good roots and replant them near by. From my experience as a terrestrial gardener/horticulturist I believe when you cut off the runner it tells the mother plant to start another runner.  

Do you leave the runner on the new plant? It seems like it would just melt or rot and it might be best to cut it off entirely. Also for aesthetics, I'd rather not have it potentially sticking out of the substrate. 

I'm 99% sure it doesn't matter I can do whatever, but also being an engineer/biologist I have an unhealthy attention to detail!

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