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Hello, I am new to the forum!


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I just got a new 20 gallon long from the dollar per gallon sale at Petco and I don't know what to put in it. One of the fish that I know is going to be in it are corydoras. I really don't know what other fish would go great in it. This is my first time making a community tank. The only time I've kept fish were bettas lol. I hope anyone here could help me out.

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Welcome to the forum!!

Another Betta in that tank would be cool. Some other fish could be:

-Cardinal Tetra

-Neon Tetra

-Rummynose Tetra

-Amano Shrimp

-harlequin rasbora


-Celestrial Pearl Danios

-Hatchetfish (make sure you have a tight lid with no holes, these guys are jumpers)

-Dwarf Pencilfish





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Welcome to the forum. I love community tanks. To piggy back off of James Black’s post all those fish get along great with betas. A beta centerpiece fish with schooling community fish like James advised is a great look to any community tank. Neons and harlequin rasboras are my personal favorites. I also absolutely adore and recommend otocynclus catfish for community tanks. They are a schooling fish that work as a team of miniature plecos eating up algae. A lot of fun to watch a group of them vs 1 large pleco, and they are shrimp safe too, only getting about an inch long. 

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