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Brandon Grantham

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Good Afternoon, My name is Brandon and I’m 25 and live in Alabama with my Wife. 

I want to make sure I’m keeping a good community tank. My tank has been running for 9 months. 

In my 29 gallon I have a pre filter coarse and a coarse pad from Aquarium Co Op In my HOB. 

I would say the tank is 50% planted with Sword, Anubias, Jave fern, Pogo Stellas. 

Fish Stocking-3 big adult cherry shrimp, Nerite snails, I have 4 female platys and 1 male. Which have been doing Phenomenal! I’ve sold 20 babies at 1in twice to my local fish store.  I just traded my last batch of 20 platys for 2 2in clown loaches. Also picked up 3 female 
and 1 male molly for breeding purposes. I have a 6 foot long sweet potato plant attached to my HOB filter as well with 12 inch roots that go into my tank.  
 My 3 Julli Corys are in QT battling a Bacterial infection.

I’m worried of how the clown loaches are going to fit in!! Any suggestions? So far I’m in the process of removing my shrimp and snails. They don’t bother my shrimp so far but are destroying my snails even big ones!



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The loaches will grow large eventually. Once large enough I've found they will eat snails and shrimp. They also prefer more of their own kind in there. You may want to consider going for a bigger school and larger tank or perhaps choosing different fish. However only you can know which direction suits you best.

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Corys are schooling fish, so I'd suggest adding a few more (same species).  Six is often given as the minimum school size, but that's arbitrary, and more is always better if room permits.  6 - 7 would probably be plenty of corydoras trilineatus (false juliis, which is almost certainly what you have) in a 29.

I won't judge you if you choose to stick with your 3, but I wanted to mention it.

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